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Poinciana High School

Kissimmee, FL

(407) 870-4860

Open now
2300 S Poinciana Blvd Kissimmee, FL, 34758
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  • Xadhiel B 24 days ago

    The staff is really nice. Very attentive. And the teachers are caring and teach really good. I would recommend it

  • Jeremiah Lopez 44 days ago

    Greatest high school of all time co2k18

  • Javier Santiago 62 days ago

    To much worrying about dress code and not worrying if someone is getting bullied. They need to step up their discipline because they goin out of controll. There are many fights too and i am concerned with my safety. I did not take the photos or video.

  • Lheilany Morales 153 days ago

    so like i get dress coded almost everyday. but its all good watch me go to liberty next year. lolololololol

  • party bout 159 days ago

    This school is very good the lesbian/ gay teachers and students is alright with me I go to this school now and it's awesome. They got good spots for special needs and the best help for all students. Some people hate on this school because of the LGBT or the uniform, but to to be honest, that's them, the school uniform is that every school you go to you are required to where uniform unless you go to a school where you don't have yo. This school is ok with LGBT and if you don't like it bye it's not bad just people send their ratchet kids to this school, but everything is all good and we just got a new principal, and it's easy to make friends, just talk to the right people

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