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Poinciana High School

Kissimmee, FL
2300 S Poinciana Blvd Kissimmee, FL, 34758
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  • Alana Cully 97 days ago

    I feel as if administration is so worried about seeing down my shirt (miller) then if I graduate but when it comes down to graduation n I don't graduate then it's my fault. So basically is what I am saying I suspended my self so I can't graduate... at least I have polos right yay go poinciana eagles. 😑🐧

  • fasgh hfdhdfhd 111 days ago

    infested with gang members ( but theyre lowkey ) and retarded staff that cares more about what you wear and dress code then your education

  • Boaz Norelien 129 days ago

    The schools administration cares more about your uniform than your education. Any type of defense for yourself is considered insubordination. The school lunch is heavily processed and tastes like air. I occasionally find hairs and other suspicious things in my food. The deans constitantly harrass me and my friends about what we wear. They throw me into ISS and waste my time that could've been used IN CLASS productively. They put us in confined little sections and deny us even a wink of sleep and couldn't care less about what your concerns are while in ISS. Please do you and your children a favor by withdrawing from this school or not come AT ALL.

  • Maritza Reyes 132 days ago

    Honestly this school sucks they care more about uniforms then the kids education. Some of the teachers are really rude to the kids and the Dean's are quick to blame the students when it's really the students defending them self. Most these 5 stars are from teachers at Poinciana. There favorite line to say to kids is... I'm still getting pay if ya learn something or not.

  • Brandon Wood 258 days ago

    This school is pretty gay. Mr.miller was always cool tho. Shoutout to Mr.miller.

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