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Plug and Play Tech Center

Sunnyvale, CA

(408) 524-1400

Open now
440 N Wolfe Rd Sunnyvale, CA, 94085
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  • Alex Vinogradov 168 days ago

    Remarkable startup center for entrepreneurs.

  • Taariq Firfirey 302 days ago

    Excellent experience... They doing great things funding, helping and generally connecting startups with big corporates and venture capitalist. They also host these startups in accelerater programs...

  • Joe G 540 days ago

    It's like a plantation. If you are a Technoserf, you may want to rent an office here while you starve. The floor plan is open cubicle land. They have clean restrooms with mouthwash, so your breath smells good for potential clients (that was a thoughtful touch). There are massage chairs, if you are stressed about where you are going to park and sleep for the night, or your start up is running out of money to pay for the cubicle you are sitting in. There is a coffee and snack shop and nice areas, indoor and out, to eat your cup of noodles and strong coffee/energy drink. There are hip little tables and chairs around for you to have little power meetings. There are words of encouragement from industry duchebags written on the wall to encourage you to work harder. Crack that whip, eh. The place is a sausage party though, and women are not so common, mostly "Bros" and Nerds. It is an OK place for your Unicorn dreams, but don't get your hopes up because only 2 out 10 start ups make it here and even then, you are still working the plantation that Silicon Valley has become. If you hit it big, cash out and move on to a nicer place where all your money doesn't go to housing. Not a bad place otherwise. So go ahead and rent some space here and be in the middle of Silicon Valley, you can't go wrong landing here. You might make some new friends and do great things together and it will have started here at Plug and Play. Good luck on your dreams!

  • Sumit Raj 795 days ago

    Awesome co-working place to be. Lots of good startups have started here. It has a good cafeteria with new menus everyday. Well maintained and serviced. There is a separate coffee and snacks section counter and well maintained by the ladies there. Lots of space to sit out in the open area. It has a bunch of massage chairs to relax as long as you want and unlimited coffee and green tea. Cafeteria also has a snacks vending machine. Parking may have issues of space sometimes if you arrive office late.

  • Huey Sekiguchi 1027 days ago

    Many young and talented people from all over the world with new business ideas.

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