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137 Warren Ave Plymouth, MA, 02360
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  • Pam Small 1 day ago

    Beautiful place to go!!! You go back into time

  • Joshua Tobin 87 days ago

    Great place to bring kids for an afternoon. The staff do a great job with the reenactment.

  • Jes P 111 days ago

    They had a great model Indian village with real fires burning and a model Plymouth village. The staff both in character and out was very knowledgeable and happy to answer questions. Well worth the price.

  • Joseph Acquah 119 days ago

    I went to this place without my family and I got to show them everything. Its so cool.

  • Mazib Rahman 124 days ago

    We just visited this two weeks ago on Canadian Thanksgiving to experience the so called origin of Thanksgiving place and the English settlers/pilgrims life in 17th century. The admission prices were a bit pricy and the Wampanoag native community part should have been more developed or set-up and better taken care of. It was quite enlightening for the kids to learn the dark side of English settlers' brutality with the Native Americans through conversations with the native community in the plantation.

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