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1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE Atlanta, GA, 30306
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  • jeremy alexander 4 days ago

    I've seen many shows in this theater over the years. It's a beautiful, historic theater, but a bit small. Although they added new restrooms with numerous stalls, it still seems insufficient as the lines can get long during intermission. I do appreciate that they have been able to bring top Broadway shows over the years, and watching a show in...

  • Sean Maley 16 days ago

    A wonderful filmgoing experience. The remodeling over the years successfully merges history with modern cinema expectations (ie. digital projection, a full bar). The Plaza is apparently the oldest running theatre in the Atlanta area. The friendly staff and enthusiastic patrons will seemingly ensure it keeps the aforementioned title. I will definitely keep the location in mind for future arthouse releases.

  • Richard Hempton 94 days ago

    Love visiting the Plaza! Bar is nice, staff is friendly and they are always having events and hosting local filmmakers. Atlanta staple!

  • Richard Feinburg 173 days ago

    I really like this theatre. It's old and something different from all the modern ones. The only issue is that they need to have some height different for each row even though the seats are new.

  • Mark McElroy 223 days ago

    This is one of the last places in Atlanta to see big movies on a big screen. (Watching Kubrick's 2001 here was a real pleasure.) Be aware that, while one of the screens here is wide and grand, the others are relatively small. Indie flicks are often shown upstairs on a smaller screen (the old balcony, converted into a smaller second theatre). If you see a classic movie advertised, you might call ahead and check whether it's playing downstairs (hooray!) or upstairs (boo!). Well-attended regular showings of Rocky Horror keep the doors open, making it possible for all of us to "do the Time Warp" and see movies as they were meant to be seen. Recommended.

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