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Platt College - Tulsa Campus

Tulsa, OK
3801 S Sheridan Rd Tulsa, OK, 74145
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  • Alfredo Fuentes 293 days ago

    Very disappointed with teacher and pastry classes, same thing doing it w YouTube videos

  • Joe Morris 306 days ago

    Don't go to Platt College!! They are over priced, you can't transfer their credits to other schools. They will kick you out for any reason. But you will still owe them for the classes. Plus they offer zero tutoring or help with classes. Trust me save your money and heartache. Go to TTC or Central Vo Tech. They are much cheaper and better quality schools.

  • Brandee W 2275 days ago

    I went to Platt College to do Dental Assisting. I attended the evening classes for three nights then dropped the course due to the poor lack of teaching and the fact that a dental instructor smoked!!!! I thought that was weird, promote healthy hygeine but go out to smoke every 20 minutes. I ended up paying $450.00 since I attended three nights of classes. You can drop no payment or penalty within three days only!!! I went the next morning (4th day) to drop and I had to pay a portion for the three classes I attended, the Financial Aid director told me that basically I had to pay for the books which I never even used. I read the book since I had paid for it and decided to call the Dental Assisting Board here in Oklahoma, come to find out you DO NOT NEED TO GO TO SCHOOL TO BECOME A DENTAL ASST. The state of Ok does not require any type of certificate or license! I walked into one dental office in Broken Arrow, talked to the office manager, asked her what school was the best school and what a dentist wanted to see on an application as far as schooling. She told me to not waste my time or money going to DA school, they come to her to do internships knowing absolutely nothing. She offered me a job as a Dental Assisting because she was so impressed that I would go to a dental office and ask what they were looking for when hiring a dental assistant. The dentist is going to sign a form so I can get my radiography safety and cornal polishing cert. You don't need to go to school to get these certificates people!!!! Do your research. I am glad I spent $450 for books where I learned about the Dental Assisting Association, called them, asked questions and found out real answers. I didn't have to pay $13,000 to go to school at all. I am getting paid to train instead of paying someone to train me. I love my job as a dental assistant in a childs dental office. The only thing is: Dental Assistants do not make very good money at all. Most start at $10.00 an hour which is not enough to live off of these days especiall to pay back $130000 of school debt. A lot of the girls I work with went to Platt, Green Country School of DA, Tulsa Tech and have told me they wished they had not gone to school and racked up all the debt! Dental Hygienist is a better field if you want to make a living. Good Luck.

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