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2900 Pinole Valley Rd Pinole, CA, 94564
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  • Justine Brodatzki 6 days ago

    This one teacher said that Billie Joe would never amount to anything and HUH WHO IS NOW MORE FAMOUS THAN THIS SCHOOL? :D Hope you enjoyed the 409 in your coffee.

  • Aaron Feng 10 days ago

    I would NOT recommend this school, I repeat, I DO NOT recommend this terrible school. My child refuses to continue going to this school because of the problems at this school. This is the most unorganized school, my child has ever attended. They have no money to build an actual building that they tore down, therefore there are only portables/bungalows used as classes, offices, bathrooms, changing rooms, ect. They also have NO cafeteria so your child may have to eat lunch outside (unless a teacher allows you to use their classroom, which isn't always guaranteed). They also don't provide lockers for students unless you have PE. The books provided at the school is very outdated and old, which isn't helpful for the students. The students have to walk far distances to get from upper campus to lower campus which is unnecessary and a waste of time; the students don't have time to use restrooms ect,, which may ruin a student's attendance. Because there isn't an actual school, the students have to walk outside, even when it rains and that's possible that your child may get sick. Also the puddles get really huge and it's hard to get around campus. (Believe it or not, one time they had to use a canoe boat to paddle through the huge puddles, or shall I say lake... which is terrible.) Just build an actual school already. They been through construction on and off for 4 years and it's terrible. If they couldn't afford to build a school after destroying, why do it? The school's bathrooms are DISGUSTING and there's always a long line for an extremely small 3 stall bathroom. They smell horrible and it's always trashed OR even flooded. The environment is terrible. The students aren't motivated and always disrupt the class/teachers which is frustrating for the students who actually want to learn and pass their classes. All in all, just don't let your child suffer here, please.

  • Jada Sylvain 46 days ago

    Not a good school. I am I'm 12th grade now and they have been messing up my grades since I was in 9th grade. If you love your child and want the best for them don't send them here.

  • Paolo Cocuccioni 155 days ago

    Green day! If you go there dont miss to take a picture on the tracks of Christie Road... it's home...

  • Alice Duncan 195 days ago

    I went to this school the first year it opened. I was a freshman. Some of the kids are just rude, some are very friendly. I grew up with 50 kids in the neighborhood of Doidge Ave. We were mostly kids from Richmond, San Pablo etc who's parents bought homes here, the first homes here. The teachers and Mrs Yarnell were a HATEFUL bunch and sent a lot of us good kids to a continuation school back at Richmond when they bused kids in that didn't want to come. Integration is fine IF people want to move to your town. Otherwise let the kids go to their own school with their friends where there parents pay taxes! Its wrong to BUS kids in like they're cattle! Teachers! Leave those kids alone!

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