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Pierce College Science Dome

Lakewood, WA

(253) 964-6440

Closed now
9401 Farwest Dr SW Lakewood, WA, 98498
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  • Ellena Navarro 15 days ago

    This is a beautiful place to visit. However, my main response is to the poster above. I am a Christian and I am disappointed in how some of my fellow Christians treat others that are unbelievers, that profess another faith, or do not believe in God. I have heard Christians refer to them as heathens or other derogatory terms. I just want to apologize. I just want you to know that not all Christians are this way. This is not how Christ would want his believers to treat others. Christ loved others. Christ loved humanity and especially unbelievers. Why do Christians treat unbelievers as though they are better than them? Christ himself sat with unbelievers, ate with them, and loved them. Christians are to be a light to the world. What kind of light are you?

  • Zorski o 399 days ago

    We went to the kids 3-2-1 rocket planetarium show. The building was clean and the staff did their job, seemed like they were volunteer students. The show itself was kind of a let down for 12$, I thought there would be a bit more of a show from the theater. As is there is a simulated liftoff followed by a short video with Commander Hatfield on the ISS about brushing teeth. You then take a very short tour of a few planets (not all of them). Lastly, they hand out paper and help to build a paper rocket which is propelled by a skinny balloon on a string. A trip to YouTube for the many videos of Hatfield along with showing my kids kerbal space program on my computer would come close to what is learned. However, it was good to get out of the house, and the planetarium itself is pretty cool. I'll bring back the family to watch one of the movies that are available.

  • cory norsworthy 467 days ago

    I just felt the need to respond to that ignoramus above. Correct me if I'm wrong, I'm pretty sure Jesus was cool with not being included in a STATE funded attraction. As a (apparently) "Heathen", let me know where the Holier than thou Jesus endorsed, Heavanly Father approved, "Hey! There's Gabriel next to that camel's toe and the Star of David!" Light show is!! Out of curiosity, what do you people think the moon is? GOD's kidney stone? Or is it A big ole hurkin rock (the sane people call it that) do share the differences!! I'm . Curious and excited to hear!

  • Daeg Byrne 478 days ago

    Very cool to have a place like this to learn about our universe. With that said, I was very disappointed to find no mention of Jesus Christ. This was a very non-Christian experience, so consider that before you take your kids to learn about the "science". They probably have to include all kinds of scientific beliefs in order to make their funders happy. In the future, I will be taking the kids to our church planetarium, just to make sure they are learning astronomy from a trusted source! But, as far as heathen establishments go, this one is still pretty cool.

  • Tammy Guenzi 646 days ago

    We really enjoy taking visiting children to this science dome; although need to screen the content for non-christian beliefs (a lot of content on evolution, guessing this comes from the movie funding.) The seats are very comfortable.

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