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Ono Nightclub

Orlando, FL

(407) 701-9875

Closed now
1 S Orange Ave Orlando, FL, 32801
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  • Felicity Jones 58 days ago

    Not the most female friendly place to say the least. Everyone gets searched before you enter the club, but they take it a little too far with the girls. About thirty guys for every girl and if you even look at the manager for a second he will harass you all night. Saw him do this to multiple females ALL night. Save your time and money and just go to Vain, GILT, or the Beacham. ESPECIALLY IF YOUR A GIRL

  • WILL EXCELONE 72 days ago

    It is a hood club cool if I was in my younger days in nyc miss those good times but older now with more money more classy like biggie said ashey to classy. So not my style no more.

  • Jesse Williams 135 days ago

    Spent my NYE here and it was Amazing. Awesome staff everyone there was very attractive. And the customer service was the best around! Will be back soon!

  • Douglas Regan 135 days ago

    Probably one of the best venues I been to in central Florida. Beside the venue itself I believe the workers is what makes this place stand out. First of all the girls are super sweet and the door staff are extremely helpful.

  • kheeRa maaRanu 239 days ago

    I go to this club for the first time and it's my friends birthday. Long story short, I buy 6 shots. I took out $60 using their ATM in which the bouncer actually helped me get it out. The server took my $60 bucks and was suppose to bring back $30 in change and then disappeared. Then, I asked the same bouncer to help me out and look for her and she told him I had no change left and they kicked me out of the club because I was asking for my money back. The bouncer grabbed me by my neck. So I will be pressing charges. Do not go here. On top, they do not answer the phone what so ever.

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