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400 Esplanade Ave New Orleans, LA, 70116
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  • JFK Help 5 days ago

    I learnt a lot! I didn't even know there was US Mint in New Orleans. Wow. They also have first minted dollars for first couple years. The places takes you back into the history and if you are into numismatics and other weird stuff you will enjoy it. Not a big places, so expect to spend 30-45 mins.

  • james warren 10 days ago

    Very nice and we'll worth your visit, knowing that our currency was created here is awesome! It is a very impressive building and free to tour, so why not? Do yourself a favor and make a stop!

  • Derek Tsang 19 days ago

    Free museum. Interesting exhibits especially the photography. Great visit!

  • Niki Perkins 24 days ago

    Interesting museum. Definitely recommend for anyone interested in coins or the history of a US Mint. Second and third floors house the National Jazz Museum (part of the US National Parks) and art. All are free, worth a visit.

  • Mike Chicago 52 days ago

    U.S. Mint Portion: Pretty cool. It's small and it's free. Good place to check out if you have a free hour. Moderately interesting stuff, but if your a history buff, you'll really enjoy it. Not a lot of people visiting, so you can take your time. Jazz Museum Portion: 2nd floor, a lot of very cool stuff from "The Gift", New Orleans favorite son, Louis Armstrong. Take your time and read. There is an interview running from TV'S Dick Cavett Show with Satchmo. It's fun. The 3rd floor has a studio with musicians explaining in layman's terms about jazz, and performing. Seats about 50. Cool, interesting.

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