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1023 MacArthur Blvd Oakland, CA, 94610
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  • Minarai Rekuza 45 days ago

    Snobby asian kids who ruin my experience. They try way too hard at this school.

  • Keith Shirogane 47 days ago

    This is my personal experience, and oh boy. This review is probably going to be longer as expected. I am currently a student at OHS right now (2016-2017), and this is my last year. As a senior, I have witnessed many, many things over the past few years. Things that are either stupid, or just plain unnecessary. Oakland High is known for it's rich diversity: serving students of Asian, Latino, and African American descent. But what you do not normally expect is the fact that the students attending the school are either under the influence, committing [illegal] crimes, or just making the school look really bad in general. Why do you think we're always on the news once in a few years? The school has a bad reputation, but it's current system of a class schedule is pretty neat, which is why I gave it 2 stars. The block schedule this year is refreshing, and it eases off half of the stress for any student. Personally, I enjoy my B days more than my A days. Anyways, back to the real point. Oakland High School offers a generous amount of things, but not everything is applied to everyone. I do not like the fact that the leadership class at this school is being run by wealthy Asian students who are selfish and can only think of themselves, and their fellow wealthy friends as well, just because they're popular. Rather than taking in consideration of what the "other majority" would think. There is no unique change in our leadership class over the past 4 years, and I've witnessed it all. Am I in leadership? No. But I want to give the world my two cents about my thoughts based on this. I would like to see "non-wealthy, but creative/interactive" students being in leadership and stepping up to the plate, rather than a wealthy Asian kid coming up with the most generic, cliché ideas that always occur every. single. year at the school. Period. I am tired of being passive aggressively oppressed by these Asian kids. Am I being racist? Nah. I just don't like the way they are, and especially with the way they run things since they're all placed into a leadership class. Did I mention that everything in this school is unfair? Some students are lower class, some students are upper/middle class. I am one of the lower class students. I don't enjoy being stared at by the upper/middle class kids just because I'm not hip with what they're wearing, or what they're saying. I also do not like the fact that if the school's leadership class is hosting a fundraiser; primarily selling food, they would make it expensive and the quality would be absolutely terrible. Completely unnecessary. Eh, I guess that's to be expected since my generation, and the upcoming generation, are generally corrupted with everything that's happening in this modern time. They're spoiled, and they always get showered with whatever good comes their way. So they have this need to just make everything expensive, but rather difficult as well. Meanwhile, there's me. I have to struggle with my education and deal with obnoxious children almost every single day. Especially those who are in the same grade level as me. If only popular kids can interact with non-popular kids for once. Oh well. And by the way, the adult who supervises the leadership class is also selfish. She practically controls these wealthy Asian kids and gets them to do whatever she wants. If she's not satisfied, she won't take it. She also hates video games, so please do not try to even approach her if you want to create a gaming related club. (Hi, Amy Dellefield!) She rejected my club idea, even though we weren't going to actually play any video games, and my dreams were crushed and went down the drain. If you are a parent who is looking for a school that won't secretly oppress your child, I advise you to go to Oakland Technical High School instead of Oakland High. It's guaranteed that they can offer you a wide array of better options. Thanks for hearing me out on my rant. Sorry, but this school has torn me apart and has been entirely unfair to me ever since I arrived 4 years ago. I hope to get out of this hell hole soon.

  • Jennifer Anidale 120 days ago

    Oakland high school is always making huge advantages every year for their staff and most importantly for their students education. This year alone they have improved on a number of things such as starting a new A/B class schedule for the new school year. Oakland high school is a very well diversed school with great engaging students and with great teachers, staff, and administrators. Go wildcats!

  • Toney Freeman 127 days ago

    Well the only thing I can tell you is that this is a good school,but I must tell you is that I went to Castle Mount High School and graduated 1960, but I would imagine Oakland High School is still a pretty good school so go for it girl,loving it.😄

  • Djay Monroe 205 days ago

    Is this a good school lol? I'm moving to Oakland and I'll be going here anyone wanna tell me about it?

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