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O Cinema Miami Shores @ MTC

Miami Shores, FL
9806 NE 2nd Ave Miami Shores, FL, 33138
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  • Laurie Manoim 124 days ago

    Old movie house old chairs but homey place. Mid way between Miami and Hollywood]

  • MARIA HOFFMAN 238 days ago

    We needed a place to watch the Oscars and of course The New Tropic saved the night. O Cinema is a very nice site, well located, parking on the street, and the hosts were fantastic! Hope they do it again next year!

  • Martin Tsang 307 days ago

    A wonderful venue, really a gem. I wish them much success!

  • Dima Samra 557 days ago

    This is was my first time attending a play, and it was very pleasant. Theater is something that we should never let go of regardless of technology. The theater itself was nice, comfortable seating, and they had snacks on sale outside.

  • Ernie Hsiung 1068 days ago

    So it's official: The scrappy theater space in Wynwood that all the hipsters love now has a second O Cinema branch, this time in Miami Shores, in the same location as the Miami Theater Center. In case you're wondering: MTC still has theatrical performances there, but they also now program movies during non-theatrical weekends. Anyone who has spent time in Miami Shores knows that it has very... different... neighborhood demographics than Wynwood, and as such, the programming is shifted accordingly: a lot more classic "art house" and family friendly films are shown here, as well as special art performances such as the Bolshoi Ballet in Cinema format. (As of the time of this review, upcoming movies include a sing-along Wizard of Oz event as well as a documentary of a chess team in Brooklyn. As far as venues go, if you're expecting your movie theater to look like an actual movie theater, you're in the right place - no converted warehouse here, just a full 300-seat theater with a giant screen and an art deco lobby full of refreshments. So yeah - it's all the indie movie goodness of O Cinema, but in a format where you can actually take your great-aunt from out of town or your nine year old cousin. I don't think they're fans of The Human Centipede 2, anyway.

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