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Northwood High School

Irvine, CA
4515 Portola Pkwy Irvine, CA, 92620
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  • Jared S. 15 days ago

    Cool campus. Although they don't call it Northweed for nothin

  • Oscar Shawn 16 days ago

    Northwood has a lot of gwei mei, I've been studied in this high school for 4 years from freshman to senior. And I got three really beautiful gwei mei.

  • Marina Hernandez 47 days ago

    wow for 4 years this school is a home and family to me and mean,t lot to my family we are proud to be going there it licked to all of us so thank you northwood high for everything.also specil ad gets all credit they guided me

  • Gavin Hardison 127 days ago

    last night i caught my 14 year old son smoking a "jewel". it appears to be a stick that blows marijuana air and my son was using it to "get lit". i am a christian mom and i believe that marijuana is grass of the devil so i was appalled that the school let my son do this. my son has also developed a disturbing habit they call "dapping". he will move his arms frantically to his head and back repeatedly in a demonic fashion. i consulted an priest and he managed to get the devil out of his body with an exorcism. do not send your children to this school, they will get addicted to marijuana jewel sticks, contract HPV, get possessed by the devil and develop stress-induced ulcers.

  • gvwing 250 days ago

    All my kids graduated from here... Certainly a top academic school in Orange County, and CA... As well as the entire country. You can send your kids to private school... But certainly won't find one better than Northwood HS. Great for college prep... But tough because of that. Irvine schools are just the best... Period.

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