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  • Paul Jason 10 days ago

    Please increase hours at a few libraries, have a few 24 hr libraries or open very early rather than having so many fancy smhancy branches. Public libraries are the last place where people with no/few resources can gain the knowledge and skills to compete with people with much higher resources. Investment in public libraries have way more multiplier effects and lead to social mobility than investment in roads and fancy buildings. This is especially true in Silicon Valley where the high cost of living keeps people with low resources out. Incumbents will always try to increase the barrier to entry and to create monopolies, and it will protect their interests in the short term. However in the long term, these incumbents who try to build barriers to entry will drive the innovators away to Texas or Boston with much lower cost of living, leading to lower innovation and SV will die a slow death. You as public libraries have this opportunity to lower the barrier to entry and drive innovation and growth in SV more than any other entity, if you chose to take on this role.

  • Cleber Silva 45 days ago

    Story time is just sad when the branch manager is leading. She has no idea how to work with toddlers and make it fun. Soon after ir starts she loses her patience because kids are not interested in her boringness and it just becomes a mess. I wish she would get a clue and have the other people (like Angela) run story time since she clearly is not cut out for the program.

  • Vicki Thai 95 days ago

    Basically Indian day care. Lots of parents bring their kids here and let them cry and be loud. No one, not even the staff, has the decency to enforce a quiet atmosphere. It kind of defeats the purpose of a library if they let it turn into a day care.

  • Nicole Lim 160 days ago

    A comparatively new and clean library with great staff and engaging programs. But there are a few areas for improvement: 1) small isles make both book searching and reading at the desk a challenge; 2) there's not enough QUIET zone for reading, more desks on the children reading section than adult side; 3) there's no shades in the garden which makes the space a white elephant.

  • Ki Bum Kim 191 days ago

    The facilities are great and the desks, computers are all new. But in my personal view, a library should be a place where people can read, study, or do other academic work in peace. However, it is TOTALLY the opposite here. It is so loud. Children run around, occasionally shouting, and parents seems to think that is totally okay. This place is more a day care than a library. I wish the staff could advise the parents more heavily to remind their children that they are in a library, not a playground.

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