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530 Dog Track Rd Longwood, FL, 32750
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  • Cheryl Brown 22 days ago

    I enjoyed the church it reminds me of Crossroads Church in Cincinnati OH. The pastor's sermon was very enlightening. I will definitely go back.

  • G 30 days ago

    Christians of this church kidnapped my kids. Money paid and they got away with it. They attended church in the morning by the afternoon they took it upon themselves to take my babies away and forever distroy my life. It wasn't enough harm, they have successfully distroyed my well beings and health longterm to silence me by their actions of evil. I feel Northland re-victimized my emotional injuries from the loss of my taken kids, and having been stripped of every tool needed just to survive yet another painful day grieving the loss of my living children. For the greed of the ole mighty dollar, Northland SLAMMED the door in my face when I reached out for counseling services during the hardest battles of my lifetime. Parental kidnap is "TORTURE" on a mother and it is full blown intentional life long harm beyond anyone's imagination who has never experienced a tragedy of this magnitude. It hurts me to see what's been done to my children and grandchildren since they have been taken by these christians. Nobody has a right to make your life un-liveable. Thank you Northland. Never again did I ever step foot in a church. My faith in church, christianity and humanity has drastically changed. Where is God when the devil disquised as christians is hurting us? Actions speak louder than words. Update: Kevin failed to personally contact me after givin the opportunity to rectify this issue. Nothing God like or holy about this church.

  • Amanda Anvari 37 days ago

    Northland is a wonderful church. There are many opportunities to get involved and everyone is very welcoming. Pastor Joel is awesome! All of the pastors do a wonderful job and the worship team is amazing! Whether you're new to the Christian faith or a life long follower of Christ, it's very easy to find a place at Northland. My family and I have been attending for 6 years. They also have a great Children's church. 😊

  • Jessica Gomez 65 days ago

    The best in our community, I would like to go back. Is it me, or is it difficult to find the Sunday service schedule?

  • Richard Geer 125 days ago

    Some people say this church is too big. Just more opportunities to get involved and volunteer. Def not a Sunday morning visit only sort of church. Think God would appreciate more from us than that!

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