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Northern Brewer - St. Paul

St Paul, MN

(651) 223-6114

Closed now

(651) 223-6114

Closed now
1150 Grand Ave St Paul, MN, 55105
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  • C M 10 days ago

    Pros: These folks hold free lessons on how to make beer, kombucha, etc., and don't force you to buy their stuff when you go. Also they seem to be great resources to answer questions.

  • Crystal Bahr 31 days ago

    Since Northern Brewer was acquired by Anheuser-Busch Brewery their custome service and reliability has gone down the drain! Two days of waiting on hold to talk to someone in the Northern Brewer Twin Cities store only to wait for 20-30 mins and be transferred to voicemail (the one today was full) or disconnected completely!!! Orders that took 2-3 days to arrive(we live in 1 day ground transit area)now take up to 2 weeks to arrive! Should have expected this considering who purchased.

  • David Lundeen 61 days ago

    Great supplies and selection but don't expect the staff to be able to answer all your brewing questions. They didn't even know what a real Keller bier is.

  • Darren Vrieze 127 days ago

    Staff are knowledgeable and helpful. Nice to be able to get bulk grains and mill it there.

  • Thomas Reinhart 202 days ago

    Hours have been spent here. Dream something and you can brew it with the gear and ingredients they have here. If you enjoy beer try making it. It is so rewarding to pass your own home brew over to your friends during a get together, or to make a special batch with some friends for a future party of special occasion.

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