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Northern Brewer

Milwaukee, WI

(414) 935-4099

Open now
1306 S 108th St Milwaukee, WI, 53214
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  • Michael Glatzel 31 days ago

    Very knowledgeable staff. Only homebrew supply store in the Milwaukee area. Has great classes and a wide variety of malt to pick from.

  • Ryan Corder 89 days ago

    Northern Brewer is a great shop for pretty much all of your brewing and wine-making needs. The staff is extremely friendly and helpful, and will take interest in what you are making. Every time I go to the shop, they have a sort of "we're here to have fun" attitude. They have a wide variety of equipment and ingredients to chose from for both wine and beer. I have only been there a couple of times to see that they were out of what I wanted to buy. In that case, they were helpful in getting an order placed to make sure the particular item is on the next truck for delivery to the store. The prices are fair, and they always have some sort of promotion going on, which makes it all that much sweeter. I have not participated, but there are also classes that you can take to learn how to brew or make wine or to learn new techniques.

  • Luke Burkholder 110 days ago

    A great resource for ingredients and information. We'll see how it changes now that it is owned by "Big Beer" but I'll bet is stays about the same, and I'm glad to have a store like this in town. Sign up for the email, and they've always got some kind of promotion going.

  • anthony downing 155 days ago

    These dudes will totally hook you up. It's like the old days of a hardware store. Everyone knows what they're talking about, and will take as much time as you need to make sure you turn out the brew of your dreams. The mailing list will fill your inbox with the fattest and most tempting of deals. Thumps up guys

  • Lara Parker 163 days ago

    Always knowledgeable and helpful. They back their products because they use their products. 99% chance that they're less expensive than Amazon (I checked before they won me over!) Also, they have fun promotions and deals all the time. I won't shop anywhere else for my gear. Going to Northern Brewer is a great treat to me. If I plan a trip, I look forward to it like a kid for Christmas.

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