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4660 Via Ingoglia Sacramento, CA, 95835
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  • Tajali Hall 128 days ago

    I just moved to Sacramento last year and was disappointed with how outdated so many of the libraries seemed, having come from a big city where we were fortunate to have modern, light, open spaces that were all renovated and updated in the last few years. Then, I walked into the North Natomas branch, and it was like my homesickness disappeared. This is by far my favourite of all the Sac libraries, for its layout, location, staff, and the overall environment. Being directly next door to Inderkum High School and across from the regional park means that I always see hands-on parents actively engaging with their kids and it encourages me that even with technology, libraries still serve a much-needed and highly-irreplaceable purpose. The staff are consistently friendly, helpful, and accessible. When I first came to Sac I was caught off-guard by the presence of security guards in all the libraries, since that's unheard of where I'm from, but the main security guy at North Natomas, rather than following you down the stacks with an eagle eye like you're a criminal, is super friendly, polite, and welcoming, so much so that I just see him as another member of library staff rather than an outside bouncer/enforcer type. The library gets so much natural light that it feels very open and airy, and there is no shortage of work spaces either along the windows, at the tables, or in any number of the quiet rooms available for your use. There is also a little book shop run by the Friends of the library that has a rotating selection of used books for sale and always has some great finds. This is not the closest location to me but it is the only one I frequent, and my husband and I have made a regular activity out of coming here after work one or two nights a week to pick up our holds, browse the shelves, and then go for a walk around the park. Thank you North Natomas Library for bringing a sense of community to the area, keep it up!

  • Ashba Siddiqua 146 days ago

    This library is very good and I go there when ever I need a book and they have great books.😀😄😊😺

  • Natasha Carvelli 232 days ago

    Nice library. Big new modern and clean. Heather Bratt is great for youth reading programs and outreach

  • Daniel Yune 265 days ago

    Big, modern, and plenty of public access computers

  • Muhammad Majid 380 days ago

    Wonderful place.. Great library.. 100 %

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