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North Natomas Library

Sacramento, CA

(916) 264-2700

Closed now
4660 Via Ingoglia Sacramento, CA, 95835
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  • denisekindacrafty Owens 149 days ago

    The best of the best. Staff are very knowledgeable, nice, and very helpful. The building is quite beautuful and safe. Love the programs, the event and the amazing bookstore.

  • Polo VT 175 days ago

    I really love this library it has so many books and movies that i never knew that they would have. The staff members are so nice and i love there selections and its great place to chill too. I go to the library when i feel like checking out something and to also gettaway from everything and the library has helped me!!!! ☺️☺️☺️☺️☺️

  • John V 224 days ago

    Great place. Study, books, computer access. 10 or 11 open time preferred.

  • Besa Alla 352 days ago

    The worst customer service! A new young guy employer that seemed like a female instead of helping me and letting me take the books for my son was making as a judge and not allowing to take the books. Also calling me names telling me I was rude to him, which wasn't true. And that was the reason for not allowing me to take the books home. Even if i was rude to him, he has to adapt to rude customers because that's the job his getting money from, but not calling to the people names and mostly in a public place where there are a lot of other people. He was acting as it was his own business. Same thing with a big fat woman that felt herself a supervisor. She has such an ironic, ignorant attitude, shame for her to be all day between books. She even was lazy to perform her job because after she decided to let me take the books she asked me what his previous colleague did, if he checked out all the books. I told check with him, because i dont know. And she was lazy to repeat the process all over and making ironic faces. I dont understand how this people are getting payed while there are a lot of nicer ones in the street. After using that library for 3 years and keeping me there for at least 70 minutes and making me feel I was in court and giving me lessons. This was my very first time happening. Such stupid people that are being paid to waste other people time. The library in itself is a great place for children and has a lot of books, but the staff is horrible.

  • yvonne holmes 389 days ago

    Staff very friendly and helpful. Very clean and bright and quiet. Separate room for children. Excellent selection of books for sale.

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