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909 E Main Rd Middletown, RI, 02842
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  • Nicole Tillery 16 days ago

    The wine tasting is fun, especially on a nice day when you can enjoy the view of the vineyard and maybe play a game of Jenga or corn hole. My only complaint is the crowd. You may have to wait for a wine tasting or a table. Be prepared to be patient.

  • Kassi Stein 46 days ago

    Such a lukewarm experience here. Service was rude, lacklustre at best. Trying to get a simple cheese plate was a NIGHTMARE! And guess what, bread to go with your cheese plate costs extra (for a loaf that was definitely yesterday's bread from Stop & Shop). Ugh! Was not expecting such a subpar experience. The wine tasting itself was enjoyable but definitely got the impression that they were understaffed and flustered the entire time. No explanation of the wines whatsoever! Honestly unimpressed and really do not feel you get what you pay for.

  • Lauri Papsadore 57 days ago

    Absolutely my new favorite restaurant. The cheese board is amazing. The expert bartenders will pair the perfect wine for the cheese board and meals. Other great examples of fabulous food a must try are the chicken wings and the scrumptous roasted chicken. All fresh farm to table food by the talented and innovated Chef Andy. A must visit in Newport is Newport Vineyards winery and their Brix restaurant.

  • Cristina Nemhak-Rebone 60 days ago

    When I first came back to RI, we visited this winery and I was not impressed. That was 4 years ago. We came today and I can happily admit I was WRONG. The wine was impressive. Our pourer took a while to help us, but I'm not impatient so I wasn't upset. She even gave us a taste of the Landot Noir which was absolutely delicious! We left with 2 bottles!

  • Tim M 122 days ago

    Let me start by saying this is a nice vineyard with pretty tasty wines. The problem I have with the place is the setup and the attitude of the staff. When we arrived we were told it would be about a 20 minute wait to do a wine tasting. Ok, no problem. The problem is they told us to go stand in the gift shop for 20 minutes. I asked if we could go and have a glass of wine and they said we could but that we couldn't do a tasting If we went and had a glass of wine. They couldn't be bothered to walk over and let us know when a tasting slot became open. I flagged down a manager to let him know about my experience but rather than listening to my feedback he seemed determined to tell me why I was wrong for not wanting to stand in the gift shop as I was told. Also would it kill you to sell some cheese or other snacks with the wine or do you not like making extra money?

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