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New York Comedy Club

New York, NY

(212) 696-5233

Closed now

(212) 696-5233

Closed now
241 E 24th St New York, NY, 10010
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  • Matt Pincince 4 days ago

    Reservation required here, but well worth it! Top notch comedians. You are required to buy drinks during the show to a 17$ minimum so be prepared for that, but you get to enjoy wonderful comedians with wonderful drinks not so bad right?! Highly recommend

  • Adam Strange 11 days ago

    My wife and I visited on a Thursday. The 8pm show was packed, but we went to the 10:30 and there was not as many people, which I prefer. The comedians all interacted with the crowd which made it fun. There were probably 6 different comedians plus the host. All were hilarious! The service was also great. If you are looking for a random date night, night on the town with friends, or just looking for a good laugh than this is the place to go!

  • Adam Parsons 14 days ago

    An excellent evening out, we thoroughly enjoyed our visit. We went on a Sunday afternoon for the 5pm show, and ended up staying for the 7pm show as well. Each show has about 8 comedians, each doing 10-15 minute sets, so even if you don't enjoy some, there will definitely be something for you. There is a 2 drink minimum, but the drinks prices are reasonable so that isn't a problem. They don't serve food though, so eat before you go.

  • rachel DeMario 16 days ago

    Saw a show here tonight at 7. It was wonderful and honest more than I expected. The comics where funny and kept the crowd laughing. There was a joke that fell flat once or twice but I believe this is a safe place for comics to try out new material. Be prepared for a two drink minimum. Not drinking? That is fine they have a non alcoholic option that gives you unlimited non-alcoholic drinks and either popcorn or Pringles for the show. A place I hope we get to visit again while we are in town.

  • Ekaterina Saveleva 50 days ago

    First things first - requiring to buy two drinks minimum per person and serving $13 cocktail in a plastic cup?... it actually says on a menu - $17 min per person, food doesn’t count. And then I understood why. It’s simple - when you drink all the jokes seems funnier. Honestly. Some comedians are great. Like two max for a night. But the rest?... you judge it. After the Comedy Cellar this place isn’t a good choice. Just don’t. Bonus - the “service fee” is already included to the bill which is illegal. Adios, never again.

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