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New Leaf Community Markets

Santa Cruz, CA

(831) 426-1306

Open now

(831) 426-1306

Open now
1101 Fair Ave Santa Cruz, CA, 95060
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  • Noelle Stanger 6 days ago

    New Leaf markets have exceptionally beautiful produce the store always looks nice they always carry items that are hard to find in other stores such as a large selection of gluten-free items and other items required for any special and usual dietary needs

  • Niel Duffy 32 days ago

    I have come to appreciate the folks and positive attitude that emanates from here. It's little things like having enough cashiers on hand when customer load increases. So much better than the Corporates. Buying local keeps a local business in business.

  • Kris Bifulco 42 days ago

    Great market. I can usually find everything I need. Lately, I've been swinging by their hot bar in the morning to pick up breakfast sandwiches for my work commute. Their cafe opens before the rest of the store does so commuters can get coffee, and they set up a hot tray with the sandwiches right by the door!

  • Jim Whitehead 80 days ago

    Excellent local supermarket chain focused on organic and sustainably raised food. Excellent food bin selection, including spices, coffee, tea. Great deli counter and meat counter. Produce is super fresh, mostly locally sourced. Staff are very friendly, and checkout is always fast. Great selection of beer, wine, cheese, breads, bar chocolate. Prices are higher than local Safeway in general, though are similar for goods of equivalent quality.

  • Johanna Perkins 83 days ago

    This magnificent store has so much! Organic produce, in credible deli - the regular salads plus sandwiches made to order and juice. My favorite chocolates are her - in bags! All flavors! Of Heavenly Organics chocolate. Simply honey, chocolate and essential oil.Yum.

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