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  • krishnamoorthy sunil 141 days ago

    they are a group of fraudsters, stay away from them and even boycott every consultant who ever refer you to these university Sunil

  • jalisha crosby 212 days ago

    My one star is for my amazing advisor Karla Payne and that is it. My experience was okay, less then satisfying until "graduation" when I didn't receive anything after paying 100 dollars for the fee. This place is a scam, they will do whatever they need to get money out of you. I have a third party paying for my course and finical aid (grants) to pay for books and anything that may have been needed. After about three/ four months I decided to call and see what happen. Maybe something was lost in the mail. They said to me that I owed them over 1700 dollars....this was after I had a 0.00 balance upon graduation which is why I was able to pay my graduation fee. They can surely keep their papers and everything else. I'm talking to a lawyer to resolve this issue. Please find another University that cares and don't want just your money.

  • Perviz Hesenli 282 days ago

    Perfect Paradise

  • Karla Rojas 357 days ago

    I ordered transcripts, paid for them, but never received them. I called student concierge and they seemed to have access to everything (to get you into the school including financial aid) but they have no access to check on transcript requests. I called the registrar, waited for 2 hours!! and they never got on the line, I just hung up and still no transcripts!! I saw another post comment that it is very easy to get in, indeed it is, not so easy to get out it seems.

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