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National Orange Show Events Center

San Bernardino, CA

(909) 888-6788

Closed now
689 S E St San Bernardino, CA, 92408
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  • Kristi Toney 35 days ago

    I would give them 5 stars if they allowed ins and outs because they have the best music festivals hands down but you have to stay inside all day. It is hard core. You have to get VIP to hang in there.

  • Jessica Marie 48 days ago

    Disappointing experience at the Kaya Festival. Would have been nice if they allowed guests to bring at least one blanket or towel to sit on instead of the asphalt since there's very little grass area. There were no staff to monitor the portable restrooms to help keep lines in order and to reduce the cutting ahead, as well as to warn guests of which restrooms were out of order; many guests had the unpleasant surprise of stepping in other's waste due to overflowing.

  • Arlene Escobar 58 days ago

    Great place to visit for festivals and concerts. Neighborhood is a little sketchy. I would avoid parking in these $20 lots. They don't really keep an eye on your car. Prefer to get there early and park in the NOS parking lots.

  • Sarah Lindsay Mccain 69 days ago

    I went for my job because it's national sunshine day. The food was a little pricey but it was good. we watch a pig show the emcee made it fun. the best tent was seeing the reptiles and turtles up close.

  • Pegah Doust 82 days ago

    Attended for the Kayafest April 28,29 2018. Space was great! Why 2 star . THE PORTABLE RESTROOMS WERE POORLY PLACED. THEY WERE 90% OVER FLOWED . MADE IT IMPOSSIBLE FOR FEMALES TOO PEE!! I unfortunately had to pee another way . PLEASE figure a better layout!!!

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