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100 Ivan Allen Jr Blvd Atlanta, GA, 30313
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  • Un Known 6 days ago

    I loooooove visiting this interesting place of honoring those whom are warriors and those who were inspiration. I video the events and throughout I became sick and emotional, because I were recalling studying these moments in school and some of the information wasn't found back then. I couldn't eat all day. I have felt their pains.

  • gary rogers 12 days ago

    “Wow!!!!!!” This was the high light of our visit. So much history packed elegantly into the space. So much heartache. So much cruelty. So much spirit, so much heart. My husband and I cried our eyes out. It was great to see so many different people fighting together for justice and sad to see so many fighting against them proudly. It..

  • Sara Martin 14 days ago

    Exceptionally well done. This center covers civil and human rights up and down the X, Y and Z axis. Plan on spending a solid three hours minimum to take in 75% of the material. There is a lot and no area is "skip over" fluff.Beautifully laid out, this exhibit takes place on two full levels with a partial level in between.Proponent of human rights? This is for you. Opposers to human rights? There are other attractions that will likely focus on your Pleistocene concerns better.

  • Hyacinth Semper 29 days ago

    They capture the past in an innovative way. The exhibit is well laid out and offers visual and audio portions that breaks up each section and propels you forward. The exhibit that explores what is happening around the world presently was unexpected and eye opening. Wonderful learning experience

  • Jennifer Anne 61 days ago

    This is an emotionally heavy way to spend a day, but the exhibits are well-done and very informative. It will really make you stop and think about the world we live in and how we have and haven't changed. There's quite a bit of information about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., but it also covers modern human rights issues outside of the US. Definitely worth checking out.

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