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National Building Museum

Washington, DC

(202) 272-2448

Open now

(202) 272-2448

Open now
401 F St NW Washington, DC, 20001
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  • Ingrid Chawla Today

    Really a hidden gem. Staff was really fantastic and informative. The visiting exhibit on evictions was an in depth and sensitive treatment of an incredibly difficult topic. Gift shop is an absolute must visit. If you are interested in architecture, photography, design, or "crazy stuff" (their category not mine), they have a ton of great books. Also a lot of Frank Lloyd Wright themed items.

  • Katie Hosaflook 6 days ago

    I had never heard of the National Building Museum until I came across an exhibit called "secret cities: the Manhattan Project" that sounded very interesting. Turns out there was several other exhibts we checked out as well and we were pleasantly surprised at how interesting and informative they were! I highly recommend a visit

  • Geoffrey Stone 18 days ago

    I love the architecture of the building but disappointed in the museum itself. Several rooms were empty. Others were off limits. The free tour was disappointing too. Could barely hear the guide as he droned on about not-so-interesting aspects of the history while flipping through some binder of photos that I could barely see through the crowd. The best thing about the place was the 1000 sq ft apartment that showed off top-of-the-line appliances and space-saving gadgets and the fabulous gift shop.

  • Brad Barnes 19 days ago

    Horrible. I recommend seeing the beautiful old building and leaving. The name of the museum is the national building museum... There was nothing living up to that on the premise. Nothing about the history of American building or architecture. Nothing about the building trade. The exhibits they had were centered around pushing extremist political agendas. Take the exhibit "evictions" and it's far left Marxist bent. The exhibit demonized those renting their buildings and treated as those who didn't pay their rent as victims that were entitled to the use of properties others are paying the mortgage and upkeep on. The exhibit was chocked full of logical fallacies and appeals to emotion in the persuit of the museum administration's political agenda

  • shell 66 days ago

    Beautiful building the history is great , I had to look that up. The visit was uncomfortable. There is no way to know what to do. There's kids running around screaming. People off to side at tables.To many signs with no information. The information desk is 100 yards from door behind stuff, we did not see for a good 5 minutes. I felt uncomfortable. But that's my hang-up. The statues at the crown or ceiling are stunning. A must see even if just to walk through the enormous first floor lobby is not the right word. The exhibits are all a fee and you can become a member. Call or check website for times and exhibits.

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