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450 Massachusetts Ave Cambridge, MA, 02139
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  • Alysia Joseph 12 days ago

    Modern style night life, refreshing, nice staff

  • Valerie Williams 258 days ago

    First I'd like to say it seems quite dishonest to change the restaurant to "monroe", but keep all the old reviews of moksa. Moksa had affordable, unique, tasty dishes, a rolling kitchen, sushi, and great drink options. I went with a friend on 4/28, only to find this new place "monroe" with an unimaginative menu and less than friendly prices. They scrapped a great menu (and the roti canai which was so tasty) to make another burger joint. Couldn't be more disappointed-- no we did not stay to eat.

  • Philip Wisler 314 days ago

    They have some good bar specials and a pretty cool wine deal on Wednesdays (I think it's 20$ for 6 wine tastings). The appetizers we had sounded better than they were prepared and tasted and we left before ordering a main course.

  • Hannah Darrow 353 days ago

    This club is so inefficiently run it honest astounds me. There are much better places to spend your money.

  • Joanna Silva-Jones 427 days ago

    My first experience at Naga was a confusing one. After waiting in line to get through security. I had to make my way through the crowds of people enjoying the lounge space only to end up In another line to gain access to the nightclub. There was no sense of order, as some were patiently waiting in line for entry $20 for women $25 for men. Large groups of people seemed to be casually strutting right through to the night club. DO NOT USE restrooms absolutely filthy. The strench was lurking into nightclub. The dance floor was packed and the music was a decent mix. In order to move to the bar or to relocate any where in the club was such a process. Def overcrowded. Would rather spend my time elsewhere. Visually pleasing but management needs work. Zero fluidity- one huge cluster of confusion.

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