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Mulberry Middle School

Mulberry, FL
500 SE Dr M.L.K. Jr Ave Mulberry, FL, 33860
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  • COSTERMAN 6 days ago

    This school has good electives and awesome sports and clubs and students that like outside farm then do agriculture and they have FFA that kids will love. And awesome teacher, Administration, and Principal

  • Reapercam 321 58 days ago

    I currently go here 8th grade and this school is the bottom of the barrel they spend way to much money on looks alone and has no money for good food but hey thats what you get when you dont have enough money for editable food but enough for apple Tvs in the teachers lounge but besides the obviously careless money spending there is great staff some teachers need to be reconsidered but besides that its a decent school but honestly I would better freedom at death row or Alcatraz than this school-camden sanders

  • Mariah R 107 days ago

    One of the best schools I ever went to but now I moved but I wish I can go back.

  • Isabella Rose 474 days ago

    This school is the most amazing school ever! Sometimes the students weren't always kind. But the staff always had my back!! I miss them more then the world!! I even consider them family!

  • Danielle Pinson 502 days ago

    Trying to re enroll my son. Mind u its the middle of the school year. And we've been waiting for 2 hours so far. And their claiming there's only one person. Who hasn't came out since we've been here!! Every time I come, I have to wait!!

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