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Mountain Vista Medical Center

Mesa, AZ

(480) 358-6100

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1301 S Crismon Rd Mesa, AZ, 85209
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  • rick houle 70 days ago

    Terrible I went into emergency for a problem, they told me it was ok. Since then I been billed by their emerg,room Dr. for a year and more and I've talked to his staff about billing my insurance a least 10 times even one time with hospital billing and yet they will not send me a bill so I can turn it into my insurance I have never received a bill with name of Dr. all received is collection notices. I has still not told been his name or handed a bill. I will never ever go back. Since they told me this was handled again this appeared on my credit report so they again lied after repeated call still no Dr. name or resolution. This has been an ongoing problem and their office is still not helping me with either a solution or a Dr. name. My only option is to sue the hospital to clear my credit as I'm a disabled vet this will cost me a lot of money. Thanks Mountain View for all your help. Worst hospital ever.

  • Joe Palomarez 99 days ago

    I've read the negative reviews and was leery from the start. I was treated with absolute disdain on the phone. As a "possible" patient, this phone rep was acting as if I was bothering her. Customer service reflects leadership 100%!

  • Jerry Darby 152 days ago

    This is the worst hospital EVER. Please everyone do not come here. I was in the ER over night and no one knew what they were doing, I had to tell them to hook me up to monitor my heart rate and blood pressure. There was a staff member sitting at the desk who did not put my orders in from the doctor because she was too busy flirting with the security guard. The whole time I was in the ER I saw the security guard doing nothing, just at the desk talking away. While in the ER no one came to see me for three hours after getting there. The nurse Jay acted like he did not have patients and did not want to help me. Once they admitted me to the third floor I asked for pillow and they tell me that they have to look for some and that was three hours ago now and I still have no pillows for my neck. Also I have no phone in this room to order food or even to call the nurse or CNA. Absolutely the worst experience in my life and this is my third time here because the staff here keep messing up. I had to give one star so I would be able to write this but really they deserve no stars at all! I am still at the worst hospital waiting on a procedure that I am suppose to be scheduled for but no one know what time. Last night I didn't even know my nurses name until it was morning time and they did the shift change, like what? The food is getting worse, like how do you make a chef salad nasty. It was the worst salad that I have ever had in my life! I also really hate how the doctors and nurses open doors and turn lights on and never turn them back off. They never let you rest in this place, ever five mins someone is bothering you and I'm just over this place and wish it will shut down.

  • Emily bonez 160 days ago

    This is the most unprofessional hospital I've ever been to. I heard staff dropping f bombs, complaining about how badly they want to go home, the nurse used HER MOUTH to open blood draw material, they didn't refer to me by my name but instead called me "the thin girl" multiple times, i was in the most back pain of my life (pinched spinal nerve is what I'm thinking. They could not figure it out..) and was not offered medication for 5 hours, I was made to repeat the same speech about 6 times and never saw any of the nurses again after telling them.. They treated me like I was a child who was making something up and spoke to my mother instead of me. I'm a grown woman. When I first came in I was groaning and gasping for air telling her I'm suffocating and she marked me as having an open wound, non serious emergency. I was very clearly choking and the nurse kept asking if I was sure I didn't have an open wound.. Eventually I was discharged with a script for muscle relaxers and after taking 3 I'm finally at a functional pain level and can breathe. The entire time I was in the hospital I was fighting my lungs to keep breathing. They kept asking me why I wasn't breathing and I heard someone laughing at me as I was trying to walk to the bathroom.. If you're in pain and can't breathe or have any other ailment that requires a hospital visit, DONT GO HERE. banner is quicker, more professional, bigger, and you actually get a room there. And they actually care about you. DON'T GO TO MOUNTAIN VISTA MEDICAL CENTER, EVER. Can I just say after reading some other reviews, I genuinely hope this hospital gets shut/burned down. Horrible, disgusting, and worthy of law suits.

  • Ashley Feldhausen 330 days ago

    Not sure why all the negative reviews! I'm 15 weeks pregnant and was told by my OB to go to the ER to get testing for some complications I'm having. I signed up online for a 4pm check-in, arrived at 345pm, filled out a very small amount of paperwork, was taken into triage at 405pm, to a room by 420pm, IV and blood drawn within minutes of that. Saw the doctor at 445pm, had blood work back and began treatment by 515pm! All of the nurses, ultrasound technicians and physicians were so so nice and made me feel comfortable and put my mind at ease. Dr Hubbard was so nice and patient. He went over every symptom and made sure I had no questions. After my blood work came back he went over my results line for line explaining everything in detail! I normally don't comment, but I feel like the 2.5 star rating is absolutely untrue and they treated me like gold. Excited to deliver my baby there in September.

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