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Mountain Vista Medical Center

Mesa, AZ

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1301 S Crismon Rd Mesa, AZ, 85209
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  • Haley Warner 9 days ago

    I am giving 3 stars because the first few days my great grandmother was in the hospital, the nurses were amazing. However, today, we knew there was to be a procedure done, and asked to get a phone call to let us know when she'd be taken down so we could make sure we were there. We were told we would receive a phone call. Didn't receive any calls, so we called (around 3:30pm ish) to make sure the time was still the same (4pm-5pm) and was told that she had been taken down 20 minutes prior to our call. When we asked why we didn't receive a call, my grandmother's nurse said, "I have 5 patients." Which I totally understand that they are busy and have things to do, however if a phone call wasn't possible, why tell us to leave our numbers? Or that we would receive a call? After her procedure, she was moved to her room and we went up to see her. The nurse that was in there was on a personal phone call while attending to my great grandmother and for whatever reason couldn't get off the phone. Her doctors and surgeons were wonderful. But the nurse I spoke with today really left a sour taste in my mouth. UPDATE AS THERE IS NO WAY TO RESPOND TO COMMENTS: I tried calling the Patient Advocate, and they still have their away message for the 4th. I left a message.

  • Corey Parara 24 days ago

    After having pains that seemed to be symptoms of a Gallbladder attack, I was recommended to come here for a HIDA Scan to see if there was something the other hospital couldn't detect. I waited in the ER waiting room for almost 4 hours. Only to be pulled back into one of their little rooms where the administered the IV, only to have it go dry so fast that blood started seep up into the tube, I pressed the call button three times at 15 minute intervals for the nurse to come in and change it. After that was taken care of, they took me back to get my scan done, which was an hour and a half test. When that was done they didn't even ask me if I wanted to be admitted, they just admitted me and took me up to the floor where the endoscopy is done. They had me NPO the first day I was there so needless to say I was starving and started getting a headache. I was scheduled to be released from the hospital at 11 the next day well 11 came and went and at 12:30 they decided they wanted to to a scan to see if my heart was doing fine, it took them 4 almost 5 hours to even get me down there and almost 5 hours to get the results read so I could be discharged. The Second day I was put on a broth diet for all three meals it was broth, jello, Gatorade and either Tea or Coffee. My head was pounding so bad by the time dinner came around I asked for a Tylenol in which I was informed there was none in the hospital at all, I was offered a Morphine shot. In the two days I was there I saw the nurses maybe 6 times total. I shudder to think what would have happened to me if I had been admitted there with something much worse happening to me than something they couldn't even figure out.

  • Julia Webb 26 days ago

    I had an unexpected visit to the ED and they were absolutely amazing. I told my husband when we were leaving that the staff made me feel as though I were their only patient (even though they were extremely busy). Excellent care and attentiveness.

  • Lauren Blanchard 31 days ago

    I took my daughter for surgery and I was beyond pleased when I saw how clean and orderly everything was. The volunteers were as sweet as can be and the nurses were beyond amazing and every doctor took the time to get to know my child before her procedure. My daughter arrived feeling very nervous and they took such good care of her. We left with a very positive experience. I'm not sure what all the other reviewers are talking about who give poor scores. We had an amazing experience.

  • C Shell 60 days ago

    Brought my mom into ER by ambulance yesterday. Everyone was very friendly, helpful, professional, and kind. They were busy so it took 12 hours before she was sent up to a room. Her care, so far, has been top -notch! It's a clean facility and actually has good food. We're very pleased!

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