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Mountain View Public Library

Mountain View, CA

(650) 903-6887

Open now
585 Franklin St Mountain View, CA, 94041
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  • Geekette Bits Great Bits, Tasty Bytes 3 days ago

    Fantastic library. Non-permanent residents can still check out two books. Postcard verification can be sent to your temporary residence. Permanent residence can check out 100 items at a time. Very friendly and attentive staff. Additionally lots of resources and events!

  • gopi chand komma 149 days ago

    One of the nicest libraries in the bay area. Huge collection of books. Quiet area for reader's. Well maintained restrooms. Polite staff. And a nice garden near by. I see lot of kids enjoying their weekend with their parents here.

  • Nik Focht 150 days ago

    I was impressed by the size of this library. Many children's books and nice areas to read with kids. We'll definitely come back when visiting Mountain View.

  • Paul Jason 165 days ago

    Please increase hours at a few libraries, have a few 24 hr libraries or open very early rather than having so many fancy smhancy branches. Public libraries are the last place where people with no/few resources can gain the knowledge and skills to compete with people with much higher resources. Investment in public libraries have way more multiplier effects and lead to social mobility than investment in roads and fancy buildings. This is especially true in Silicon Valley where the high cost of living keeps people with low resources out. Incumbents will always try to increase the barrier to entry and to create monopolies, and it will protect their interests in the short term. However in the long term, these incumbents who try to build barriers to entry will drive the innovators away to Texas or Boston with much lower cost of living, leading to lower innovation and SV will die a slow death. You as public libraries have this opportunity to lower the barrier to entry and drive innovation and growth in SV more than any other entity, if you chose to take on this role.

  • Maya Ziv 265 days ago

    This is a huge and great library. The staff is very nice. People are pretty quiet as well and it seems like a good place to get some work done. Visit the notices board for upcoming events!

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