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Mount Auburn Cemetery

Cambridge, MA

(617) 547-7105

Open now

(617) 547-7105

Open now
580 Mt Auburn St Cambridge, MA, 02138
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  • kingbob uzumaki 30 days ago

    Nice place to walk around. Easy access with several public bus stops. Nice view of Boston from top of the hill.

  • Shane Woolley 74 days ago

    Great date spot–turns out mortality is really romantic. The gorgeous landscaping probably has something to do with it, but you can't underestimate the aphrodisiac power of being constantly reminded how fleeting life is. Basically this place is the Disney World of death.

  • holly binczewski 102 days ago

    love the history- esp seeing Isabella Stewart Gardeners place of rest. gorgeous for a walk or just to free your mind. Very peaceful and clean place

  • Jillian Yuschak 123 days ago

    I went for a walk here close to sunset on the fourteenth of January. On my way to the exit I saw 3 employees. Nevertheless, I somehow managed to go unnoticed and get locked in the cemetery for a while in the dark and cold until I worked up the nerve to climb over their barbed wire topped fences. Of course not before a FOURTH employee drove right past me while I stood beside the road and in front of the locked gates waiting for help. According to an article in the Harvard Crimson, two students also found themselves trapped in this cemetery after dark, unable to get out. I hope the cemetery quickly hires a more competent staff before someone eventually gets hurt.

  • Catherine Varmazis 191 days ago

    The cemetery is beautiful, indeed, and has set aside space for “green” or natural burials. Unfortunately, unlike green cemeteries in other states, they do not allow even small stones with the name of the deceased on green graves. I have requested the board of directors to change this policy, but nearly a year after my request I have not heard back from them. At the time my husband was buried there, Mt Auburn was the only cemetery in Massachusetts that allowed green burials so we had little choice. Just an FYI to anyone who might be considering a green burial at this cemetery.

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