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401 S Christopher Columbus Blvd Philadelphia, PA, 19106
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  • Dee Romanoff 83 days ago

    We had an excellent experience last weekend. The food was delicious and the atmosphere was wonderful. The entrees alone cost as much as a dinner for two would cost at your average restaurant. If you're not prepared to spend money, don't waste everyone's time with a poor review. Go to Applebee's and quit whining.

  • Benjamin Kemp 110 days ago

    Very fun experience. Super expensive, so check out LivingSocial or Groupon first.

  • J.S. Hippeli 136 days ago

    A very impressive sized ship and restaurant overlooking a really scenic expanse of the Delaware river. I wouldn't recommend the sushi here, or the other pricey appetizers. Just go for the main course. The lobster bisque was awesome . Overall a very nice, interesting and romantic dining experience with pretty decent food.

  • Guy Alfia 155 days ago

    I went there for dinner, the view was really nice but server attitude was really not professionally for a restaurant with that kind of food prices and let's not talk about the food,it doesn't worth half of the price they charging.

  • DEE SONG 233 days ago

    I went there on Sunday, May 29th around 5:30PMish and asked the hostess (petite girl with dark brown hair) about getting a table so i could order some oysters. I had on a sundress, and my husband was in khaki shorts and a t-shirt. My 6 year old daughter was with us. We went in there on a whim so we didn't have a reservation. The girl took one look at us, and said slowly, "I don't think we have anything available" with a weird tone like she was not going to seat us. So I asked her nicely to double-check. She pretended to pull up something on the computer and said "Nope!" Everything is booked for the whole night! And we were not going to be able to get anything there. She was not nice or even friendly. I can't believe this girl is the first person people see when they walk into the restaurant. Maybe, it was just us. So I walked out and told my husband that I am going to call the restaurant in 1 minute and asked for a table. If I am able to book something over the phone, I am going to march right back in there and say something to her. I had a feeling she didn't want to seat us by the way we were dressed. It was Sunday, and we were casually dressed to roller skate with my daughter. When I called 1 minute after walking out, this amazing guy answered the phone. He said "we are booked for tonight, but the bar is always open for walk-ins!" I felt so much better that this guy offered us another option. Who knows if he would say the same if he saw us, but at least he was nice and very helpful on the phone. I suggest that hostess receive additional training. She made it sound like it was harder to get a table there than Vetri. She was racist for sure!

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