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Cambridge, MA

(617) 849-9321

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614 Massachusetts Ave #203 Cambridge, MA, 02139
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  • Joel Weber 2 days ago

    I just finished their music production class and I can't recommend it enough. The class was very personalized to what we needed individually, teachers were experienced and able to explain everything in great detail, and it really took my production levels from basically randomly turning knobs and trying this or that to actually knowing how to get the sounds I wanted too and producing something that could pass as professional.

  • Brian Moller 44 days ago

    This place is perfect. The teachers are great. The atmosphere is great. I went in knowing NOTHING and came out way beyond what I thought I'd be. HIGHLY recommended.

  • Ashley Ross 44 days ago

    Everyone at MMMMAVEN was extremely helpful, welcoming and professional. I took the DJ course with Damian as my instructor who is extremely knowledgeable on the technicalities of the equipment, how to structure sets, tools/resources you can use to enhance your sets, the local network of people in the industry and the field itself. Super chill, friendly and intelligent guy who cares about your success. He encourages you to make the most of your experience and venture out by recommending a variety of underground dj's to check out. Polina was extremely helpful with assisting in any questions I had and scheduling studio time. She was ALWAYS readily available and responded within 24hrs. At the end of the program, she arranged a gig for us at Good Life, promoted it on all of MMMMAVENs social media outlets and showed support by being there the night of our gig. We also had the opportunity to experience a class with Greg (djruggedone) who is a master level scratch DJ and totally blew my mind with his demo's. I have an entirely new level of appreciation for this craft! He also supported us the night of our show and made sure we were set up with everything we needed. Very down to earth people with a true passion for music and eagerness to share/support others who share the same passion! Nothing but great things to say here, highly recommend!

  • Alex Martino 105 days ago

    Worked with Dan for the production 102 class - always a fun time, learned way more than I expected to, and left with the confidence to continue making music. Recommended for any bedroom producer looking to get the skills way up!

  • Dan Villarreal 247 days ago

    What started out as a curious walk-in on a sunny day in 2015 would turn into an ongoing experience with a community that I have had the fortune to be a part of. The level of expertise and knowledge behind the minds at MMMMAVEN brought me closer to music in ways I once thought were impermissible. From the moment I began to take classes, up until my very last day, I never felt lost. The studios are set up in a manner so that the equipment and instructors adjust to you, at your pace, and to your level of experience. After my last session was over, I decided to stick around and help out here and there in my own time. To my amazement, I began to see the result of my decision and for what this place really was. Their passionate dedication on getting people educated and exposed to electronic music is, quite literally, on a global scale. A wall-sized map of the Earth adorns the main hallway with the personal inscription of every artist who has passed through those doors; each one as illegible as the last and each with it's own story to tell. If that's not convincing enough, I urge you to walk into the Middlesex Lounge on any Thursday night. You'll find the music to be rightly generous. This benevolent intimacy, coupled with an all-encompassing philosophy of communion, made this place feel not like a school but more of a collaborative space to learn music and share stories. More importantly, it taught me an important lesson in inquisitive exploration. My advice: go for it.

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