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Mississippi Market Natural Foods Coop

Saint Paul, MN

(651) 771-5061

Open now

(651) 771-5061

Open now
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740 E 7th St Saint Paul, MN, 55106
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  • TheCivilTurnip 23 days ago

    Such an awesome place for good food and grocery. Events are held sometimes with the community. I live about 2 blocks away and it is my go to over Cub Foods

  • Sergey Yurishinets 24 days ago

    Insanely happy to hear that there was a location coming so close to me, and I haven't been disappointed! The employees all seem genuinely happy to help whenever I have questions, and they're great resources on everything from specific essential oil properties to variances between Cheddar. I see others commenting on the pricing, and... I don't really have an answer for them other than co-ops do run higher than a Cub or an Aldi, but you can find steals if you watch the sales. Your money is also going toward a cooperative, paying fair prices to farmers and everyone else in the chain that gets food to us. It's worth spending in my book.

  • Craig H 53 days ago

    We buy just about everything from here. Their food is good quality, and the cheese selection is nice. The LOCATION is perfect and we will be loyal shoppers here because of it. To the guy crying about the location, grow up man you’re not the only one living on this planet.

  • Bradley Jake Moe 83 days ago

    Want to start out by saying I live in the neighborhood and so appreciate that the market moved in. First impression was the store smelled great. The produce dept is well stocked and diverse considering that this is not a big box supermarket. Super bulk items selection! They sell the best free-range eggs and my husband will only eat the bacon from thier meat dept. Very fresh dairy. This store is really clean and there aren't any burned out bulbs. This may seem like an odd comment to make but think about it; if the employees care enough about their Co-op to check the little things like lighting and clean corners they care about the produce and deli...which brings me to that dept. Which is unique and flavorful. Now I would be remiss if I didn't mention that it is not the cheapest place in town and some if the prices are pretty high, $5 for a loaf of white bread and it's the only white bread they offer? Now I understand Mississippi Market is more than a grocery store. They have missions, ethics and responsibilities. When I encompass the entirety of things this is a great place to shop. My cats do not agree as they refuse to eat ANY of the food offered but they never experienced the awesome customer service. This isn't the only grocery store I go to but honestly it's my favorite.

  • Black Cat 188 days ago

    It's a bit pricey, but it's well worth for the quality of products that they offer. I live a few blocks away, so it's very convenient for when I need a few items. I love their coffee bean selection and they have a very nice deli with yummy packaged ready to eat meals. They also have a big selection of locally sourced produce and food - high quality meats! Very happy to have Mississippi Market in my neighborhood.

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