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4012 Boston Rd New York, NY, 10475
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  • Gary Shaw 59 days ago

    Big people place . Always great time out

  • Phillip Williams 100 days ago

    Not a place for civilized people.

  • attitude goddess 103 days ago

    Went there on a Friday night. The drinks were great. The service was horrible. No one made us aware that there was a "minimum" when sitting at a table. Our waitress never came to the table so we had to go to the bar to get our drinks. Then the hostess told us to leave because we didn't meet the minimum. However we spent a lot of money on drinks.

  • Reaktion Sound 197 days ago

    One of the better if not the best club in the bronx

  • Omar Thomas 209 days ago

    So I'm using this forum to vent my frustration on what was supposed to be a walk down memory lane. I attended the I love the 90's event on July 30th 2016. I came prepared to dance the night away to some of my favorite 90's tunes, however, I was utterly disappointed. The usual entrance fee is 20 dollars, but because it was a special event we had to pay 30, that's okay since I was going to hear a selection of music from an era that is seldom played in the clubs. I got there at 2:30 am and waited for almost 1hour and 45min to hear an actual song from the 90's. I'm not sure if Massive B and has any idea what songs are actually 90's song, but he seemed to skirt around the whole decade. Finally at 3:45am he announced to my horror that "since it's a I love the 90's event I'm going to play 10 minutes of 90's music and then go on to the new stuff" I was I specifically came to mingles on this night to hear music that was supposed to be from the themed advertised...Not hear the DJ tell me he is going to play some selection and move that was the reason I paid my money...He of course went on to play songs that I hear everytime I go to mingles...I think the owner need to look into this matter. How can you charge for and advertise a particular theme, then have the Dj not honor it..Needless to say, it's going to be awhile before I spend my money at mingles..#false advertising

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