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Mind Body Yoga

Austin, TX

(512) 537-1128

Open now
12636 Research Blvd #206 Austin, TX, 78759
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  • Nicole P. 255 days ago

    Yoga for every body! This studio has a very comfortable and peaceful atmosphere for everyone to enjoy. Coming in as a non-flexible beginner, I was unsure about whether yoga was something I could do. Fortunately Preeti was there to welcome me in to the studio with genuine greetings and words of encouragement. She invites her students to receive the healing and spiritual benefits of yoga, as well as weight loss/strengthening. The workshops, classes and massages that are provided are geared towards personal growth and healing of mind, body and soul. There is also a Bodhi Buddies class for children to participate in. Again, this is yoga for every body!

  • MO E 275 days ago

    This studio is not your average studio. When you get here, leave your worries at the door as it has been a healing place for me. They offer yoga and a connection to our spiritual selves in a way I have not found in the NW Austin area. If you want the "gym" yoga, this is not the place for you. They focus on mindful awareness of the body and what it can do which strengthens both the body and mind. Relax, enjoy and explore!

  • Tina Lewis 1114 days ago

    I have been going to Yoga classes here since last March and have worked with Jenn for mindfulness and meditation. It is a very welcoming studio with wonderful, caring instructors. 2013 was a rough year for me and Mind Body Yoga helped me through it all. Such a nice peaceful space.

  • Jay Hiller 1414 days ago

    Mind Body Yoga provides a genuine sense of community in addition to being a great place to practice. The owners, Jenn and Dave, know everyone by name and that translates to a friendly atmosphere between the students as well. All of the instructors are excellent. In the three years I've been attending here my practice has grown tremendously. I absolutely love this studio!

  • Jason Beddome 1493 days ago

    The instructors at Mind Body Yoga are very personable. I am great friends with the owner Jenn, she is very friendly and knows almost all of her clients by name. I started a couple of years ago, and I've been going there religiously ever since. They have spacious rooms and a variety of classes. Whenever I need a work out I do a more advanced yoga class or the flexibility focus class and whenever I am stress from work I take meditation and restorative classes. Jenn also has started doing one on one mindfulness classes that focus on turning your whole life around and quieting the mind. They even offer massages at the studio! And with the reasonable price range, this yoga studio cannot be beat.

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