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1221 Ashford Crossing Atlanta, GA, 30346
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  • Brooke knudson 49 days ago

    The first reason I love this place is because the atmosphere is so comforting. The food is delicious and service is wonderful. With the "huge" snow storm that took place tonight, Outback and Taco Mac had already closed their door to customers that were just trying to get something to eat in this Rainy weather. Mimi's cafe was closed too, But the big difference was that the owner of the store took the time and cooked us some food to-go rather than just turning us away with no where else to go. THAT is customer service to an extent I have not seen in a very long time. We will always remember this night and we will be coming back to Mimi's Cafe. You should too.

  • Jeffrey Parker 58 days ago

    Ate there with a party of 12. Beer battered fish was over cooked and had a soft texture. Shrimp and pasta was over cooked. French pot roast looked like it had been reheated. Quiche was under cooked and runny in the center. Tea was good.

  • Tristain Jackson 75 days ago

    My boyfriend and I have been going to Mimi's for going on three years we have been together and I must say I Love mimi's !!! The food is great and price is Great!!! We know the staff and they always make us feel at home!!! Don't forget to ask for ranch with your potatoes!!!!! Mimi's is a really great Sunday morning place to regroup and hang with friends!!!

  • Allen Bearden 100 days ago

    One of the most disappointing dinners I've had recently. To start, we waited nearly 45 minutes to be served. The steak was overdone - I ordered medium rare, got what was probably medium well. The fries were merely passable, what I'd expect from a Steak n Shake. Their idea of rosemary fries was hilarious though: literally the normal fries with a sprig of rosemary on top. The French onion soup, which came after the meal (what???) was mediocre. The onions were far too firm and the broth was unremarkable. All in all, nothing disgusting, but everything incredibly mediocre.

  • Kevin Jackson 101 days ago

    I was a regular at the Jacksonville, FL location and this location paled in comparison. Once seated we had to wait a while before our waitress took our order. After looking over the menu I decided to get my favorite, the brick roasted chicken. Our waitress decided this was the "best" time to tell me they were out of chicken. I was a little upset because of how long we were sitting there and I ended up getting something I didn't care for. We had to wait an unusual amount of time for our food. The waitress apologized and said someone else got our plate by accident. Then a few minutes later we overhead the waitress tell the table next to us the same thing. We left there pretty unsatisfied.

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