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Milonas Family Chiropractic

Naperville, IL

(630) 428-0768

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1603 N Aurora Rd #101 Naperville, IL, 60563
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  • Phyllis Jones 460 days ago

    I was going to a different chiropractor dealing with sciatica and lower back pain. Each visit to my chiropractor resulted in the pain getting worse. He eventually told me that I should put ice on my back to deal with the inflammation. My daughter found the groupon for whole body cryotherapy at Milonas Family Chiropractic. I purchased the 1 month unlimited groupon and went in for my first freeze on Monday after a weekend of excruciating pain while sitting, standing, laying, walking - constant pain. After my first session (3 minutes on level 1), I was able to straighten out. The pain was completely gone. There was soreness because my muscles were tight and twisted. I came in for my second treatment and the pain and soreness was completely gone. I had a discussion with Dr. Matt. He said that something had triggered a severe inflammatory response in my body. I continued to go for my cryotherapy treatments, no longer for pain, but now because I felt completely energized after each treatment. I was sleeping really well and a host of issues cleared up. I did eventually have another problem which doing my whole body cryotherapy. On a couple of visits, I had horrible pain that originated at the back of my neck before I was able to do 30 seconds in the cryotherapy machine. Dr. Matt indicated that this was most likely due to me needing a chiropractic adjustment. I left and went in to my original chiropractor. He did the adjustment and boy was I out of line. My sinuses drained on my way home after that visit. So once again, Dr. Matt taught me some valuable information about my health and well being. I had always thought that I got sinus headaches when I go out in the cold without covering my head. Now I know that this happens because when you are cold, you body pulls all the heat from the surface of your body to the inside to protect your organs. If I am out of line, there is blockage during this process that causes severe sinus headaches for me. So now I understand that inflammation causes my sciatica pain and a lot of other pain issues that I deal with. Inflammation is cleared up by using ice treatment. So whole body cryotherapy is basically icing your entire body which reduces inflammation everywhere. Now the next valuable thing I learned from Dr. Matt is that a lot of times inflammation is caused by improper balance of gut bacteria (which can also be linked to sinus infections). So now I'm taking a step back and minimizing the inflammatory response in my body by keeping my gut bacteria in check. Dr. Matt, (Caroline, the receptionist) and Matt's wife are all amazing people who have been tremendously helpful in my health journey.

  • Dennis Anest 474 days ago

    I am extremely pleased with their services. As they continue to expand, they are putting together a great holistic practice of offerings. Matt and Caroline are very professional and are a pleasure to work with. I would highly recommend their services to others.

  • Peggy Maurer-Hall 884 days ago

    I am a nurse and felt I was taking good care of my physical health. Then I met Dr. Matt Milonas. He taught me the importance of having my spine in alignment so my nerves could be healthy and supply needed information to all the organs in my body. I was amazed when 6 months after working with him for regular adjustments, I felt healthier than I had in years. I no longer needed medication for my thyroid, for regulating my heart rhythm, and for feeling depressed. Instead of taking medication after medication for the symptoms I was experiencing, we got to the source of the issue and corrected it! I continue to work with him to keep my whole body healthy. My progress is amazing! He provides encouragement to stick with my regular exercise and provided information on improving strengthening exercises to my program.

  • Ed M 943 days ago

    I went to Dr Matt a number of years ago with a specific neck problem that other therapies could not resolve. He was able to help me and I've been a patient of his ever since. While I still have one foot in the traditional medicine camp, what I like most about being his patient is that he promotes total wellness through a more natural, proactive approach - chiropractic adjustments, diet, nutrition, exercise, and detox. I also appreciate his and Dr Jessie's positive attitudes in my visits with them.

  • David Milonas 964 days ago

    Great chiropractic but also so much more in the way of overall natural and holistic health. Dr Matt really takes the time to understand out overall health situation and recommend a game plan outside of just chiropractic care. You can tell he really cares about his patients and has a passion for helping others. My family and I have been going for years and I can highly recommend.

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