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960 Atlantic Ave Brooklyn, NY, 11238
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  • Larry Henson 7 days ago

    Service at the bar downstairs was done with a smile and enthusiasm. We ordered wings and a few beers. My loved the wings so much he ordered another one. As far as the night club upstairs don't do it if you're over 35. It's dark and crowded and everyone is standing around looking at each other. The women are dancing with each other and the guys are watching them. If you decide to go anyway make sure you get there early so you won't be standing outside. Here's a secret go on Eventbrite and sign up to get in for free, but you must get there before midnight otherwise they will not honor the ticket. Doors open at 11pm. I hope this helps.

  • Danielle Smith 36 days ago

    So I gave it one star because there is no option for zero star. I had been hearing about this place for some time and wanted to support. I went on a Friday night for the white and denim affair. After being charged $30 for myself and $40 for a friend, I went upstairs to find the place full of weed and cigarette smoke. Apparently they have a reputation of overcharging for entry, they must be pocketing the extra cash. I This was confusing to me because we were just checked outside for lighters and any kind of contraband. I go to the bar to order drinks and was clearly ignored for 15 minutes by the female bartender. She took drink orders all around us even after acknowledging that I was waiting to order. After getting the attention of another bartender he makes my drink and something did not taste right with the juice it seems to taste spoiled. I nicely explained to him the situation asked I could just change the juice. He went on about noone else complaining about the juice. After walking away while I was talking and ignoring me for another 20 minutes or so he made me another drink with another juice which was fine. The experience was horrible! I have never been treated so rudely in an establishment. Not worth one dollar of my money.

  • Barry Reid 59 days ago

    I recently went to the Milk River lounge with 2 out of town friends who wanted to experience a night in the borough of Brooklyn. When we entered the security area at 12:30 am they told us it was $30 dollars a person . we paid it and went upstairs where I immediately noticed a no dress code policy. Majority of the guys and girls wore sneakers . However some of the ladies attire was good. I went to the Bar to purchase a drink and saw two Female Bartenders get into a fist fight with a female patron. wow! It was total Chaos...They where punching and stomping each other.. Thanks for nothing Milk River .... What a way to show my friends Brooklyn 's finest .

  • Sheen B 72 days ago

    Went as VIP for my friend's birthday so I can't attest for the food but we got bottle service & had enough space in our section. Fun for a night out, DJ played a mix of hip hop & Caribbean. The staff didn't always know what was going on but they were still attentive for the most part. Walked through the main dance floor to get to the bathroom and was definitely glad we had our own section.

  • Eric Thornton 89 days ago

    Beware hidden fees. Upon entry, you will be required to check your coat- $3.00, plus tip (plus whatever the cover charge was). The bar will not start a drink tab for you- instead, they will direct your attention to the ATM to take out cash. You will do so, and eat the whopping $5.75 ATM fee. When you return to the bar to purchase your three Coronas, you will discover that at $7 a pop, your three beers more than satisfy the $20 card minimum.

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