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Midvale Department of Workforce Services

Midvale, UT

(801) 526-0950

Closed now

(801) 526-0950

Closed now
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7292 State St Midvale, UT, 84047
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  • Jim Hoopes 73 days ago

    I have had all the help I ever needed, when I asked for it. I'm treated with respect, and with a couple of the people there, I'm treated as if I was their friend. Holy always comes and checks with me to see if I need any help. If she knows of a good job opening I'd be able to do, that wouldn't affect my back problems, she's there in seconds to tell me all about it. Super employee. If I had my own business with a customer relations department, she'd be the First person I would attempt to steal from you. There are a couple others that I'm not too impressed with, one that is way too loud and another that is constantly playing on a computer, and is defient when ones attempts to have him leave his chair to help the requesting customer. Again to the if business... Those two people would be constantly reprammaned or the first two employees in lines for looking for a new job. Thank you for your time to read my "book" of my opinion's. Also, a big thanks for this valuable program. I believe I would enjoy this work. But my back just may have another opinion on that matter. Thank you

  • Jenny Marshall 212 days ago

    My last experience was simply awful. They could’ve simply listened and everything would’ve been fine but the first gentleman did not listen he made assumptions. In plied things that weren’t correct and now I just feel like holy cow. Yes I will turn in everything you need as I’ve always done. But it would be nice if these people would listen instead of getting you so frustrated and so upset that you can’t even describe what’s going on. Your audit poverty level and they’re asking idiotic questions about how you were meeting your expense. Well when you cut my food stamps off that does not help with the point of the phone call but now my son’s medical and dental are in jeopardy. Simply because he’s going to school In another state but I pick him up. Wednesday through Sunday. Was trying to explain this to this guy and he kept interrupting me to the point where I couldn’t even get it out. I’ve called back and spoke with a very nice woman. She said you know don’t worry it is really you just have to explain this your ex have to has to explain this. And they want some sort of form from the school that will be closed and this has to be turned in by the 29th. Christmas vacation. I was already up there by the time I saw it. No ability to print it out.

  • angela kerns 412 days ago

    Not crowded. Was helped right away. Very friendly, knowlagable and helpful. Went above and beyond what was asked of them

  • Corey Robison 553 days ago

    Great service. Employees there are always attentive and do their. Eat to help. The facility itself is old and not always the cleanest.

  • Drea Richardson 689 days ago

    Their lack of organization and communication is astounding! Every time is send in the verifications they request, for medical assistance for my children, they reply with a list of more verifications. Why can't they just communicate what all they need from me right up front? I am currently on maternity leave, which ends in two weeks, and need to get this done ASAP. I will have a penalty on my taxes for not having health coverage for my children, but I have been working on the application for CHIP for two months now. This is so frustrating and discouraging. I can't afford the health insurance through my job, or Obama Care, otherwise I would have given up on this lengthy process a long time ago. The only reason they get 2 stars and not 1, is because I am grateful there is a service for assistance at all. Even if I have to jump through hoops for months. There has to be a better way. Perhaps a face to face meeting with a case manager. Have that one person in charge of every aspect of the case, from communication, to collecting verifications. I talk to a different person every time I call with questions and they all tell me something different about what I need to send in.

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