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Middlesex County College

Edison, NJ
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2600 Woodbridge Ave Edison, NJ, 08818
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  • Jeff Saldarini 2 days ago

    I absolutley love this school

  • jeff saldarini 156 days ago

    Most of the professors are good but Professor Winchester is the best professor I've had so far

  • Jeremy Orlando 212 days ago

    The staff has gotten better recently. As far as the classes and professors go - it's college... many students expect it to be an extension of high school, but the courses are just as rigorous as any other institution. The professors are a hit or miss but as long as you do the work, there shouldn't be any issues. Use rate my professor, it comes in handy. Also, one thing the advisors often fail to mention is that one should take more than 4 classes per semester if you want to graduate within 2 years. The campus is really nice and they're adding a lot of new buildings.

  • Let Go 400 days ago

    Middlesex County College is one of the worst and racist college ever!!!!! My experience there was horrible. Most of the students and even the instructors are racist. They conspire against certain students, and want you to fail. Indeed, it was a waste of time and money. Basically, I am glad that I left this school because ever since, I was able to gain a few associates, and now I’m working on my second Bachelor. The instructors do not care for students nor will perform their job properly. As a final point, it would have taken me more than 10 years to get an associates degree at this school lol…. But if you look for another and better school it will probably take you less than 2 years because some other schools do care, and want you to succeed regardless the color of your skin, background, or religion. Sadly, Middlesex County College is the lowest and racist school you will ever find.

  • Syed Rizvi 413 days ago

    MCC has a great lush green campus with a population is always out and about. The professors within the math department are amazing and very helpful. However, the advisers within the engineering department can be a bit passive despite the requests of the students. I was one of the twelve Student Government Representation and a Treasurer for the Muslim Student Association. People at the Student Activities office are great such as Casey, Pat, Ode and others. MCC has immense potential to be an educational powerhouse. They just need some more work done in streamlining their processes so that real issues are spearheaded and resolved.

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