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Metro Market

Milwaukee, WI

(414) 273-1928

Open now
1123 N Van Buren St #1 Milwaukee, WI, 53202
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  • Jacob Ertel 6 days ago

    Metro Market recently remodeled, and has breathed a breath of fresh air into a previously lackluster store. The store caters to working professionals by having ready made, and made to order stations and entres. They have a variety of smoked barbecue options. A grill will cook a sausage, burger, or chicken sandwich fresh. (If you ask, they will grill a steak for free after purchase from the meat counter) Pizza's can be made and cooked to order. Sushi, pho, and ramen are available. Gelato or sorbet is cheap. There is a Starbucks on site. A juice and smoothie bar can blend it up fresh. The store has greatly expanded the number of self checkout lanes.

  • Marissa Jade 33 days ago

    Beautiful remodel!!! Only down side is they have 8 self-service check out lanes but only 4 are open in the morning and it can be busy even in the morning. Otherwise I love Metro!

  • Adriano L 63 days ago

    Walking into a US grocery store is always a treat for a Canadian. This was no exception. Alcohol prices are ridiculously cheap. Meat and fish is about a quarter of what we pay in Toronto. We loved the option of having Pho made in the store as we waited. The option of paper bags was something we haven't seen in 25 years. Great store.

  • Yolanda Thomas 74 days ago

    So many options, olives, soups, salads, burgers, deli sandwiches, pizza, hot bars, cold build a meal options, and that's not even half!! This place is full of life and has been recently remodeled with more amenities. I really liked it before, but I think I love it now.

  • Glen Keddie 105 days ago

    The latest renovations look great! A Starbucks in store, great salad bar, new food options, and more self check aisles. It would have been 5 stars, but I took a star off because I frequently find pricing errors. Watch the register when they ring up the prices.

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