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17630 W Bluemound Rd Brookfield, WI, 54045
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  • John Steinbach 30 days ago

    Avid shopper here for the last 6 months, as I have accepted a job in the area. However, the registers all went down today halting the entire store. Some people got fed up and left their carts after some time of waiting. I patiently waited for about 25 minutes, because I appreciate the service. Then, half of the registers begin to work and I was thankful because I had waisted most of my lunch time waiting in line. I was in a line that began to move. One of the employees then begins to shift others from the non working lines to the ones that work. She cut the line right in front of me and began to funnel others in front of me. I said "ma'am, I've been waiting for 25 minutes and need to get back to work." I then proceeded forward to get checked out as I was next in line. She says "oh no you don't" and grabs my basket and wrapping paper I had picked up for Christmas. Needless to say, you just lost a customer. I will no longer shop at a place that has such a disrespectful employee. In a time where everyone is growing impatient, there was no need for those words or actions. Try to be a little more considerate of your faithful customers, and not put yourself first as a representative of the store.

  • Abbey Comp 117 days ago

    This place is great for getting one or two quick items but it's either too much money for large amounts of groceries.. I forgot my wallet once so I had to run home and grab it.. They kindly held my groceries right in the cart at the service desk and put my freezer items in a cooler for me.. When I got back one of the women working the service counter was upset saying I took too long and she was going to put my groceries back etc. just really rude!! Come on.

  • CPD Mya 167 days ago

    I always have to check expiration dates in the store! The dairy section is the worst with expired product! Last week the yogurt, pudding and kozy were all expired OVER a MONTH past the expiration date! This is why I love Woodmans!

  • William Soderberg 178 days ago

    Lots of kids work here and while they're not that friendly, they usually aren't rude. The older employees are generally pretty nice. Stocking is rarely an issue and the extras like the salad bar and sushi are usually pretty decent. The store itself is always well kept and looks nice.

  • RYAN BASS 313 days ago

    Much better than Pick N Save. Great olive bar! Great fresh meat and produce. Good selection of beer/wine/spirits.

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