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Metro Market

Brookfield, WI

(262) 784-2410

Open now
17630 W Bluemound Rd Brookfield, WI, 54045
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  • Nancy Boutilier 1 day ago

    Clean. Good produce with organic choices. Welcoming layout of store. Many sales. Great prices. Also deliverey service.

  • Judy Schieffer 1 day ago

    Something has dramatically changed. What once was a great store with outstanding service has become sub par with much higher pricing. Tonight was a disappointment when I had to ask the cashier not to throw the apples and peaches. She threw them in the bag anyway. Commonsense seemed lost on her. I am looking for an alternative grocery store.

  • Bruce Blunt 5 days ago

    Conveniently located on Bluemound Drive. I'm there 3 to 4 times a week for small grocery runs. New dinner station meals are good .

  • Doug Wells 19 days ago

    Metro Market - where you can pay twice as much as cheaper stores and they'll make you feel like you're getting a deal! I bought two food items today that totaled over $4, but signed up for their 'savings' card, which reduced it to $1.99 However, if I'd gone down the street to the Aldi, I would have paid that much without a 'savings card'.

  • Patricia Hunt 215 days ago

    The bakery department is great. I recently had a unicorn cake made for my daughters birthday and it turned out amazing. I provided a picture and they matched it exactly. The staff was extremely nice and helpful and the cake looked and tasted so good! Highly recommend them!

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