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Metro Brokers Academy

Atlanta, GA

(404) 836-4040

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5775 Glenridge Drive Atlanta, GA, 30328
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  • EDNA FELICIANO 59 days ago

    Wow, I was going to consider this school but after reading these reviews and the response from the school, I think I will pursue another place..

  • Taulanda Mckinzie 84 days ago

    5) Transferring Licensees Into or Out of a Firm. (a) Any broker seeking to have a licensee affiliate with the broker's firm shall enter into a written agreement specifying the terms under which the licensee will be compensated for work during the time of their affiliation and specifying how the licensee will be compensated for work begun but not completed prior to the termination of their affiliation. Other than to determine that such agreements are entered into by licensees and their broker, the Commission shall not regulate the content of such agreements or enforce the provisions of such agreements. A dispute between licensees as to whether the terms of this agreement have been met shall not be grounds for the broker's refusal to sign a release and to forward the wall certificate of licensure to the Commission nor for either party to file a complaint with the Commission. (b) When a licensee requests that a release form be signed, the releasing broker shall immediately sign the release and forward the wall certificate of licensure of the departing licensee to the Commission or notify the Commission in writing that the wall certificate of licensure has been forwarded to the new broker for whom the licensee will act. If a licensee assumes the responsibility of delivering the wall certificate to a new broker, then the wall certificate must be delivered as soon as practically possible after the licensee receives it from the releasing broker. I have held a license here for going on three years next month. I requested that my license be released online because the Georgia Real Estate Commission not only states this but was also confirmed by other brokerages. I am currently in good standing and I feel MetroBrokers would like to collect more fees and charge me a huge bill. I can see that already from a mile away. I was told there is a process however, it is still up to the brokerage discretion. So, denying me is a tactic used for bitter people when I have a brokerage waiting now. Meanwhile for 3 years I have struggled to pay fees and late fees even with no sales. I really don't want to go into my experience here because it's just not a fit for me and a place I am dying, with no solutions insight.

  • I Am Maintain 85 days ago

    This company does nothing for struggling agents. The lead class is a real joke. U only get unqualified renters an people who need section 8! The fees are 100$ per month, 150 if two weeks late an 200$ past 2 weeks tardiness. As an agent just starting will be problems paying. Which explains the reason for the high turnover. Everybody watching their own Back no Teamwork no support an a bunch of ugly attitudes in a suit. Over 3 years paying this An we got squatted on. Metro is only good for the license....then run baby run.

  • Kiki Lovenoone 114 days ago

    I would give this school no stars the staff is rude, I called to get some information on the school because I know nothing about real estate and I just wanted to make sure I was making the right decision for my life. And the person I spoken with was clueless about her job she told me to Google what I needed to know WOW then call back with a quicker question

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