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7333 E Indian Plaza Scottsdale, AZ, 85251
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  • dojeen lee 26 days ago

    By far the best place for EDM in Phoenix. Nowhere else compares to the headliners and DJs they bring in

  • Alicia Bowen 81 days ago

    I love the atmosphere here. There's plenty of room inside and out. It's got a great, open feel, access to bars, and you can get real close to the stage when performers come. Great nightclub venue. :-)

  • Bhupender Choudhary 81 days ago

    Trust me or not but this is the first time I am writing a review and that’s because I feel so bad about it. I was in Maya the Halloween night with 2 more friends, drinking and dancing with my friends, somehow 2 security guys came and hold me like I am some monster and they are trying to save the world from me. I was saying what happened don’t push me brother I can walk, my friends are in there ..blah blah..but still they kept pushing me… anyways… they took me at the back door and pushed me like anything, may be they wanted me to fell down on the road as that would show that they are really working seriously…but luckily I was not that drunk and I could manage balancing myself…but It was insulting for me… neither I do or expect a behavior like that with anyone… on the top of that, one of the security men was taking my picture, felt like I am a criminal. Very bad experience.

  • Kasey Rudawsky 136 days ago

    Do. Not. Go. Here. We were here this last weekend for my sister's bachelorette party and they really screwed us over. I was recommended a VIP host through the manager of this yelp and the guy really pulled the wool over our eyes. I had texted with him a week or two in advance to prepare everything. He assured us we would have a specific minimum and have a table indoors. We did not. We showed up and were shown to our way-too-small table (he knew we had 10 girls) that was OUTDOORS where no one was. Once I realized what was happening I asked to speak to a manager and was told you've got to contact the guy who booked for you - sorry. The VIP host wouldn't even come over to introduce himself and apologize for his screw up. Eventually someone who I thought was the manager came over and did offer us half off our bill but told us sorry but we can't put you inside, even after I had shown him the text message exchange between me and our host. Later on in the night I realized a group of girls who had shown up after us had been given a dance floor table (which I realize they might have spent more, but still), so we started trying to track down the manager again. Around 1:30 we finally tracked down a different manager who told us "well what do you want me to do it's almost club close sorry" She was incredibly rude and not someone I would put in charge of customer care. Overall, their customer service is horrible and I would not recommend this place to anyone. Even if we did have a table inside, the dance floor was really small and the atmosphere was not ideal.

  • Sarah Harmon 146 days ago

    We went to Maya to celebrate my closest friends birthday. The staff here was amazing from the the start. Great customer service via email that was fast and informative. Our hostess/server Erica was fabulous! She was very attentive, helpful,(beautiful!)and respectfull. She made us feel important, like true valued customers. Although there were a few concerns beyond our reach such as time and attendance, we will definitely be back here to celebrate again. We will come at a later time to get the full effect with hype of the bottle service and a table inside! Thank you so much Maya for making my girlfriends night special and one she will always remember.

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