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Mariners Church

Irvine, CA
5001 Newport Coast Dr Irvine, CA, 92603
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  • Jake Finney 15 days ago

    So I am relatively new to the Turtle Ridge area and started looking into attending this church. Today, I was riding my bicycle along Newport Coast Road and a chain started slipping and I could no longer pedal. I coasted downhill until I got the driveway of the church where I turned in and started trying to adjust my chains and test pedal before taking it back out on Newport Coast Road, as it is a busy road and no other places to stop. Immediately a guard in a golf cart drove up and shouted that I had to get off the property, the Church was closed. I explained my problem with my bicycle and that I needed to be in a safe spot to get it working and on the road again. Steve, the security guard just blurted out again to get off the property, he's following orders. I pointed out to Steve how this is a supposed to be a house of God and his behaviors, and that of his superiors, is uncharitable and un-Christlike. He made a point to tell me he's not a Christian. Clearly this is not a Christian place, as Christ would not kick out a person who was simply trying to adjust his bicycle before attempting a climb back up Newport Coast. My family and I were looking a for a place to worship God in our new home, fortunately Steve "I'm not a Christian" has shown me that Mariner Church is not a suitable home for those interested in actually practicing the teachings of Jesus.

  • Mercy's World 95 days ago

    This place is very welcoming! I love this place! Everything is in balance the worship is really amazing and the preaching really life changing. My kids are growing specially my son. Been here for 8 months now. We are so happy here..

  • Casey W 109 days ago

    Wonderful place to worship! So many lovely people. Pastor Kenton is great! Relatable and Biblical! Eat and shop after. Great time, always! Celebrate Jesus!

  • Alan Michaelson 117 days ago

    I love the community and belonging you get at Mariners! The Rooted experience was a life changer for me. I'm proud to be part of the Mariner's family!😇🙏💯

  • Sirlexon 204 days ago

    One of the Largest campuses I've ever been to. Been going since March 2016 and love going. The staff is amazing and then amount of services and things to do is a great way to spend your Sunday. Come at least 15 minutes early for great parking, there are even little cart shuttles that go around the parking lot to pick you up if you are lucky.

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