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Marina Harbor - Waters Edge

Marina del Rey, CA

(310) 578-5200

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4500 Vía Marina Marina del Rey, CA, 90292
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  • JB Beck 66 days ago

    I have lived here almost 2 years now and I still love it!! The staff is wonderful and the building is well maintained. The view is amazing and the ability to walk to the beach sold me. Critics are quick to write reviews so it is important to read the good reviews! People need to realize you are living by the beach and things will happen. We have had our rims stolen and while that was alarming, it can anywhere. I hope to stay a few more years!

  • Lynn Mooney 141 days ago

    We have been here for nearly 3 months and absolutely love it. Have had such a great experience so far. Love the facilities and the view is awesome!

  • Miklos Philips 1713 days ago

    We lived at Marina harbor for two years. Initially seduced by the attractive, seemingly serene surroundings, it soon became a toxic, unpleasant place to live... while paying premium rent. Beware potential tenants! Do not fall for the fake façade, especially if you visit on the weekends. If you do, you will not have any idea of what goes on during the week. The management is basically clueless, and does not give a tinker's damn about you, the rent-paying tenant. The owners and management (although professing otherwise), do not consider it part of their responsibility to provide a pleasant place to live. This place is all business. Something like a car rental place; the same churn and all about the bottom line -- collecting rent. And if you have an issue and complain to management -- good luck! Though some of them are sweet, the people working in resident services are basically collecting a paycheck and totally disinterested in helping tenants. There is no accountability--no one really seems to care about anything. If you have a problem they will take a message, but no one will get back to you and nothing will come of it. There were countless times I requested a service online and nothing was done, yet the people in charge marked it "complete." 1) The walls and general structure of the buildings are very light and thin. You will hear EVERYTHING. And I mean everything. Forget about having a quiet, private peaceful time here! 2) The water "problem": it will be turned off without warning at any time... if not water, how about the gas? If you are lucky, you might get a notice the day before... but don't count on it and it happens frequently. 3) The dogs. The place, in spite of an official "no dogs policy" is overrun with dogs (get a prescription and the management is powerless to prevent it) and their obnoxious owners who think they are entitled to let their pets use the grounds as a latrine and make as much noise as they want, whenever they want. Have some respect guys! There are hundreds of other people living in this complex. 4) The disruption of daily maintenance which obviously needs to be done, but it is constant! People are fleeing this place which means more carpet cleaning, upgrading, banging and so on. 5) Their constant 'upgrades' (meaning they can ask for more rent), which... okay, maybe you need to upgrade once in awhile, and maybe the city demands it, but CLEAN UP AFTER IT'S DONE! Compensate the tenants who have to live through the torture of constant power tools, drilling of concrete, banging, dust... If you decide to move in, be careful. Remember you will be paying premium rent. Ask to read the fine print in the lease because you will be asked to sign all kinds of waivers and everything is tilted in their favor. In short, you pretty much have no rights as a tenant at Marina Harbor.

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