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Mariano's Vernon Hills

Vernon Hills, IL

(847) 816-0994

Open now
1720 N Milwaukee Ave Vernon Hills, IL, 60061
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  • Allyson McDonough 23 days ago

    I love Marianos! There bakery is awesome! They have great sales, online coupons and free Friday downloads! They have wonderful staff and customer service.

  • Fred Flinstone 25 days ago

    This is one of my favorite Mariano's. The only huge disappointment is that they don't have a bar. Their alcohol tastings are limited to beer & wine. This is not their fault, but due to Vernon Hills ordinance being restrictive and not allowing it. Very nice store and one of Mariano's flagship locations. I highly recommend it!

  • Amy K 30 days ago

    Avoid this grocery store on the weekends. Every Sunday night,backed up lines. Each checkout has 4+ guests waiting. Why aren't there more checkout open during the store's busy times? Hopefully the addition of Aldi across the street will help Marianas realize that service matters...more competition is good for customers.

  • Dustin Herlich 53 days ago

    Their baked goods are always exceptional. Also, the quality of their meats is hard to beat. Produce is hit or miss. I appreciate their extensive international foods choices.

  • Lauren Cayden 83 days ago

    We went there the other day for a family member's party. Our waitress was the slowest moving waitress i've ever experienced! I do get the restaurant was busy but it is unexceptional for it to take 30 minutes for a refill of bread! We asked for lemons and had to wait at least 20minutes. From our perspective she had around 4-5 tables and so a busy restaurant is no excuse. We didn't get "good" service from her until the last 10 minutes when she overheard my father say he was pissed. We also had some Coke and she asked us if we wanted a refill WHEN WE HAD THE CHECK. Overall horrible service from her. I have not loss hope in the restaurant thought and I'd come again possibly. Next time hoping to get better service.

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