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950 Brook Forest Ave Shorewood, IL, 60404
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  • Katy Ciesla 18 days ago

    Typically, Mariano's is my go to! Went to get some soup around 7:00pm last Wednesday and came down with food poisoning from their Lobster Bisque. My family pointed out an incredible fishy smell after dumping the soup, I only had about 5 spoonfuls until I realized that the "lobster" meat looked like old hamburger meat. I do not know if the soup wasn't switched out throughout the day or how long they had it out for. My food poisoning lasted about 48 hours, just from 5 spoonfuls. It started almost 1 hour after ingesting the soup! I will gladly get groceries from the store still, but no longer will eat at their food bars.

  • Rosemary Bridges 27 days ago

    Shop their everything I need groceries! Excellent service...

  • Ann Aloisio 184 days ago

    Great selection of fresh produce. Love the meat from their butcher! Clean store and friendly staff. Bonus. My kids love the free samples they pass out too

  • Dan Traina 236 days ago

    Not really too impressed with Mariano's. They have a decent cheese selection, but if you want really nice try Plain fields Wine & Cheese Shop or Naperville 's Whole Foods. Their Deli meats aren't as good as Tony or Caputo's Boar's Head meats, it's really not even close. Andy's and Ashland smoked sausage varieties are also better a Tony's and Caputo's. The Seafood is decent, Whole foods and Naperville 's Casey's is way better. The beef is decent, the pork is bad. Chicken is not remarkable. Dry ingredients, can & box, are overpriced and the selection are limited. These are the same exact brands as Caputo's,Tony's, Fresh Market, etc, etc, etc. The selection is actually better at most other stores. The fruit juices are nice, but I've gotten more bad produce(used and cut the same day) than from any other business...even the old Dominic's! Plus, the produce is of Walmart quality...if you want a better type of produce try the small shop in Plainfield, Whole Foods or better yet Casey's in Naperville. Prepared foods? Maybe this is where Mariano's does well. I make my own food and don't buy prepared items. Mariano's does well by opening at 6am, many other stores don't open until 7am. This allows me to shop before work, hooray for the extra hour!

  • Joanne Collins 308 days ago

    Very disappointed in my catering order from yesterday, 3/20/2016. I had ordered a Bistro salad and a medium petite sandwich tray. I specifically requested that they substitute chicken salad (my number one favorite thing at the deli counter) for the roast beef. Midweek, I called back and requested that my medium tray be upgraded to a large. When I picked my order up, they had upgraded the size of the sandwich tray but, they had neglected to put the Bistro salad on the order, so I had to quickly decide on a substitute item from the deli. When I got to the party location, I discovered that they did not substitute the chicken salad for the roast beef. As wonderful as Mariano's usually is, I was surprised that such a simple order was screwed up. I will continue to shop there for their delicious food items, but I would be hesitant to order a party tray again.

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