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Mariano's Ravenswood

Chicago, IL

(773) 334-3549

Open now

(773) 334-3549

Open now
1800 W Lawrence Ave Chicago, IL, 60640
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  • J. Gad 13 days ago

    Best grocery store ever! Rooftop parking, live jazz piano music and beer/wine bar inside. Plus reasonably priced food. Seriously, what more could you ask for?

  • Mark Twaine 25 days ago

    The layout is bad, the checkout staff were coarse, there seems to be many personnel around but not working on any of the problems that are cropping up. Some of the food in the hot service area was clearly being neglected. The food selection is extensive, there's a huge seafood selection (who were very friendly), lots of other raw meats.

  • Craig Olsson 43 days ago

    Especially now that Kroger's took over, Mariano's is about as good a grocery store as you can find. Their culture insistence on being extra nice and polite is an added benefit. As a designer, I would like to see added more charm around stations such as stripes and awnings.

  • Eric Gosh 51 days ago

    This place was the best when they opened. Now I'm watching 2 stockers chat while they block one of the few open registers. 3 people to stack a few boxes of crackers... he is throwing Toll House club crackers at the rack like they belong to his ex... what is a club cracker anyways? I'll Google it as soon as I finish this review. Everything amazing: the produce, the BBQ, the lunch sandwiches, the stocked shelves, and friendly staff are gone. Why do I still come here?

  • Timothy Disher 56 days ago

    Excellent service, and tons of options if you're stopping in for a lunch break. Lots of hot and cold food, bars that they'll prep sandwiches, etc. for you, and much more. If you're headed back to work or home to eat whatever lunch or dinner you pick up, and have a microwave to use there, I'd definitely recommend the $7 cold lunch food -- you get a huge chunk of quality entree and two delicious sides, for much less than the hot food. And if that isn't enough, head back to the clearance baked goods near the back -- they've usually got tons of great stuff from bread to entire cakes.

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