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Mariano's Oak Lawn

Oak Lawn, IL

(708) 346-0698

Open now

(708) 346-0698

Open now
11000 S Cicero Ave Oak Lawn, IL, 60453
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  • Wylma Harmon 10 days ago

    This store is really fantastic. I love coming here I love the salad bar. I love the hot food. I like to Geleto. You could almost spend a whole day here shopping. Good value, good food, excellent quality. Everything is so fresh no weird smells. And the bakery if you're on a diet please avoid the bakery. I did but it was hard. If I had a car I'd be going there all the time but since I have to depend on a ride from my friend I can't go there as often.

  • Gerardo Diaz 12 days ago

    Don't get me wrong it's a beautiful place, but to stand there after shopping it's a little ridiculous, there hasn't been a time I have been there and waited at least a half HR before I even put my stuff on the belt, but u sure will c all the employees walking around u like they need the company to work, work on satisfiying the customer a bit,noone wants to stand around after shopping to make store loke populated, I guess is what I'm trying to say!

  • Amanda Peloquin 88 days ago

    Great seafood. Love their fresh juices. Need to be careful with the produce; otherwise great. Pete's is great for their produce and fruit. It is the freshest I have seen and love how organized the produce area is. They used to cling plastic wrap vegetables, that were about to go bad, for some loose change which was great for soup stock. They no longer do this which is a bummer. We used to buy that quite often. They redid an area of the store and offer hot foods like pizza and chicken which is nice. I have not tried the pizza or chicken. My husband and I are pescatarians so we wouldn't try the chicken but probably will get around to trying the pizza one day. We do not frequent Pete's too too often. We go casually. I am not a fan of the dry packaged goods at pete's. I have another store I like to go to that's a little better. They do have Topo Chico which is nice.

  • Brian C 263 days ago

    Great selection of healthy conscious product, and really just in general. Nice layout, easy to find due to accurate signage. Prices are competitive in my opinion. You may spend a little more, 50 cents or a dollar or so per item, but you support union workers and the idea behind a better work environment for all. Love the meat market for sure. Can get two half pounders for $3.50 loaded with cheeses, veggies, etc. You cant even get that price to quality ratio at a sit down for one burger. Variety of imported cheeses, meets, Italian products etc. Always clean and workers are knowledgeable and friendly. Organic choices are offered as well as naturally sourced.

  • Melissa Gunther 280 days ago

    I love Mariano's. The salad bar and hot food bar are good. It can get expensive since the price is based on weight. Their smoothie bar is great. The bakery was awesome when it first opened and I would have given it five stars a year and a half ago, but now they have less of a variety and nothing stands out anymore, it's pretty typical. Whoever orders the desserts should order a bigger variety like there used to be and stop spreading everything out to make the case look full. Recently they changed the way they make their big dark chocolate chunk cookies. They used to be thinner, wider and very soft. Now they are smaller and thicker, probably still the same amount of dough, but the thickness makes it less soft because they most likely have to cook longer. They are not cooked consistently anymore. You have to sift through the basket to find a good one. These cookies were my favorite as you can tell, now they are just typical. It's just good now, not great.

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