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Mariano's New City

Chicago, IL

(312) 475-9661

Open now

(312) 475-9661

Open now
1500 N Clybourn Ave Chicago, IL, 60610
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  • Gozá Parks 18 days ago

    Poorly organized. Generally understaffed. The staff doesn't seem to be the most trained, especially in the food prep areas. The hot line is not consistently labeled properly. This is my least favorite Mariano's but I'm here the most because it's close to my job.

  • Felicia James 44 days ago

    I have been coming to Shoppping at many Mariano in the city, but my experience shopping hasn’t been great at all. First I would like to mention my first experience at this Mariano I ordered millennium turkey sandwich I specifically told the person who made my sandwich to not put salad dressing that he suggested would be good on my sandwich. I was extremely pissed because I had to force myself to eat this sloppy sandwich while on my lunch break. Secondly, I would not speak on all of the staff but majority of the staff acts as if they don’t want to be there. But hey I just want to express my experience at this location because something needs to be addressed ASAP.

  • Betsy Van Die 202 days ago

    Being our first time here, we were a little confused going from Off Fifth to Mariano's. The first level of this store is quite pretty and a step above the Palatine and Arlington Heights locations. It had the distinct feeling of shopping in an upscale, gourmet market. The second level has a completely different vibe - it simply looks like a vast, boring grocery store devoid of any character. So in my opinion, this Mariano's has a split personality!

  • Melissa Leaman 224 days ago

    The size and layout of the store is nice and there's a large selection. During the day, they seem to keep things moving. The services provided after hours (that's anytime starting at 6pm or later) is less than desired. The employees in this store, no lie, start to close everything down before 7pm. The meat department isn't staffed and they take down all the prepared food. If it's 7pm don't go there, go to Whole Foods.

  • Perry Thornton 242 days ago

    Not a happy camper today. I wanted a grilled burger. I was told there none at the grilling station. Another employee infomed me that I could go-to the meat department and that they would also cook it. I go to the meat department and wait to be acknowledged by the man but wasn't. I then said excuse me. He replied that he would be there in a minute. 8 minutes passed then finally a female employee comes to assist me then tells me it takes 15- 20 minutes to prepare!!! Needles to say I didn't get the burger!!!😢😢😡😡

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